set up and take downimageSchool as usual on Monday and Tuesday but the rest of the week will be busy and strange. 2 days of pd and in between ..Wednesday for Burnley Harbour and Saturday take down for Vino Central and on Sunday collect from Burnley Harbour. I will set up and take down group shows. For a brief moment I will have 28 paintings on display which feels very exciting. Currently organizing the final bits to hang pieces and getting ready to help set up the Art at Burnley Harbour outdoor show thi afternoon. The Burnley Harbour art exhibition is an outdoor show and runs from the 3rd until the 6th of December and will be a perfect weekend for a stroll along the river looking at art. If you ride your bike to work (like my husband) along the bike track, take a break and have a look at this eclectic mix of contemporary art. Enjoy art and the summer sun in Melbourne. My art work this time features my flowers ,as featured in a previous post, although I have reworked some of the skies as that is one of my latest fascinations. Flowers seems fitting for an outdoor show. I can’t see. To say that a piece is ever really complete because perfection is something to aim for. I am still learning so much and building my knowledge base in small increments as I target different areas to focus on to strengthen my final image. I am always a bit nervous that a change will destroy what I have done. …and sometimes it does but then there is room for something new to emerge.

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