I have completed another painting of the Quadrant gallery exhibition. Slowly building the 5 pieces to completion. I am really enjoying using the POSCA pens…they have great colours and work beautifully as paint pens. I added my hand cut hummingbird stencil to the angels dress. The hummingbird is an important symbol for joy in my work. I am enjoying the fact that most of these works have multiple figures in them. I originally saw the angel and the kneeling figure but realised as I progressed that there was another powerful image in the background that needed to be revealed. I named the picture ‘Resonance’ as this was one of the random words within the areas of collage in the background layer that stood out to me at the time. Each piece seems to be evolving as I build on the layers if learning and allow the flow of play to enter.

Listening to the stillness in the breeze of change.

Listening to the stillness in the breeze of change.

The moments of stillness hovers in the air,

A silent voice revealing inner pathways,

A movement forward allowing,

The gentle breeze of change.

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