Unicorn dreaming

I am excited to be part of the Enchanted group exhibition at Forest Edge Stone Gallery in Kallista, Melbourne.

An exhibition theme has a way of inspiring ideas that have been waiting to be noticed. This Eastern Makers and Creators (EMAC) group show was the perfect opportunity to return to an exploration of all things unicorn. I love the energy of these magnificent creatures and the gentle strength they bring.

I do hope you get the opportunity to visit the Enchanted Exhibition while it is on this month in Forest Edge Stone Gallery at74 Monbulk Rd, Kallista, Victoria, Australia 3791. Spring is the perfect time to visit the hills, explore art and wander through some of the amazing gardens coming into bloom.

As I began exploring unicorns I played with my traditional canvas paintings and then the mixed media art on watercolour paper. I exhibited the 3 A3 framed paintings in the Enchanted exhibition.

I have exhibited Since the opening, I have continued the unicorn theme and am exploring the effects of alcohol inks and mixed media. The joy is in the whimsy and mystical effects that seem so natural with this beautiful, flowing media and its intense colours. The exploration on yupo and the addition of acrylics as and alcohol ink pens means the pieces will need a final sealant but the effects are unique just as they should be when exploring unicorns.

This current series is another beginning in a different media but I have had a long history of creating unicorns. They seem to appear at different points in my life and invite me to play. This is play in progress and I know that the best adventures begin with a playful heart.



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