She listened to the trees


“She listened to the trees” is that sense of timelessness as we paise and rest into nature and allow stillness and awe as we stand in witness to this magnificent earth. There is a deep sense of gratitude and peace in this timeless landscape.

Mixed media art on A5 handmade paper.

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Remember those moments when you have paused to listen. The rustle of wind through the leaves and the swaying of the trees as they bend and flow. These are moments of opening to trust and being one with the spaces that fill us up from the inside out.

This mixed media piece grows through layers of acrylic paint, watercolor, colored pencils ink, and markers as an exploration of these nature stories.

Bring tranquility and flow into your life with an unframed print or add a frame and select your color for a wooden frame to match your home or office. Ready to hang on your wall or sit on your sideboard, these mixed media mini artworks fit beautifully into any space with these ethically sourced, sustainable frames. 2 trees are planted for every one tree used with protective glass, not plastic protection for your artwork.

Add this option from the shown linked products below and receive your artwork ready to display and enjoy or choose to buy unframed.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 4 × 35 mm

black, white, cedar, brown


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