Adding color layered with acrylic inks.

As I continue this piece, the choices continue to build. After adding the dioxidone purple and quinacridone acrylic paint, I have already developed the color palette further. I use a combination of Golden and Atelier fluid acrylics

Where to from here?

  1. Now I need to add a variety of warm and cool colors across the canvas, again with a consciousness of balance and building variety. I look closely at what I have already created and instinctively choose a few warm and cool colors to add to my piece. I drip blue, gold, vivid green and pink colored inks onto the canvas in different sections so I keep the warm and cool colors separate as much as possible.
  2. Using a spray bottle, I spray water onto the areas of ink and tilt the canvas and allow the colors to run.

    Reminiscent of a field of flowers.

    Reminiscent of a field of flowers.

  3. I then add gold blobs and use a skewer to pull lines out  from the areas of ink. I specifically target some of the mahogany flowers as this will make a nice centre for these flower shapes. I don’t mind if the shapes are lost. I am just playing with ideas and possibilities.
  4. As I add the blue ink I get a skewer and begin to draw circles using the small pools of ink. I repeat the loose circles in different areas around the canvas.

It feels done. This is just an intuitive feeling that I am learning to trust. The next step is to start looking for the images that want to be drawn out.


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