She is on her journey path, guided by the White wolf as her teacher and companion.

She is on her journey path, guided by the White wolf as her teacher and companion.

Ramblings of a creative soul

I have been slack with my posting as life got busy. The dreams and desires need to find a place of flow and part of this is creating  a regular commitment to my postings as I have to creating art every day. As I transition into my artist career, I am so aware of what I don’t know and all I need to learn. ‘Where to from here?’ is the biggest question as I build a large body of work and wonder at the best way of selling them. There are so many platforms and possibilities. This new terminology of the art entrepreneur is such a different meaning and approach to when I studied art and developed my art understandings. I am tending to move into overwhelm.

I do tend to get lost in my beautiful, peaceful studio space as I create and explore my world and all the new possibilities of ways I can develop my art. I have been enjoying creating my copper bezels and original brooches and necklaces. I am starting to explore s purity dolls but am unsure how they will evolve as this is so new. I am exploring wether the stick based spirit dolls are what I like, the more totemic spirit dolls or a combination of the two. This is me exploring my other love of the sculptural world. So many possibilities but as always , it is about the layers. There are always so many questions and at the moment I feel like Alice as she plummates  down the rabbit hole…not yet knowing of the wonder at the other side and slightly out of control.

My paintings are consistent and evolving. The White Wolf is a piece that I am currently completing. The layers just seem to keep giving new possibilities and gateways to new stories. She is not quite finished…almost…

Painting is my main platform but sometimes I need to step sideways in order to move forward. So many ideas and my monkey mind does not easily settle but I am now on holidays from my teaching job so I plan to enjoy this time to play. I know I will never complete all the paibtings I have started. I am learning to listen to which one is calling and needs to be completed at any given moment. They are all exciting adventures that gift me with new understandings as I follow their lead.

There are so many possible directions and I am slightly lost. It is about moving forward as a business and not settling into the void of overwhelm. The trick is to find the space to step back so I can find order. That image of spiralling in and spiralling out is powerful as it is so easy to get lost in the creativity and lose sight of the bigger picture. So for me this feels like a time of drawing the threads together…taking stock and creating a framework for moving forward.

These are the steps I plan to take in the next 6 months:

  • set up an Etsy jewellery shop and do a launch
  • set up a regular blog posting schedule 3 times a week minimum
  • Updating sale sites scheduled time
  • approach a gallery about a solo show
  • submit to an art magazine
  • enter local group shows
  • develop an art work schedule that o can use to adapt for a weekly schedule
  • go to the GlenEira woman’s business network meetings regularly.
  • continue to create every day

So this is my dreaming time as the holidays allow. I wonder what I can put into place, what I can complete and what new adventures I can begin.




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