imageSo much to learn

I have been creating so much and learning. Such a good thing I love learning and the web has so many amazing resources. Growing my business is a challenge and definitely a steep learning curve. I am of course leaving lots of time for paint play so I can  connect and find my balance. Art is what keeps me balanced when the world feels crazy and busy. Escaping to my studio is a wonderful retreat  where magic happens.


I am learning about clients and avatars. I love all the possibilities of exploring my ideal client and the imagining of what that looks like. This is an iPad distraction and I can definitely get lost in my imagined worlds. As this is homework I need to complete but painting calls and homework will have to wait.

Studio time

Just adding a few of my recent creations. So much to play with as I delve more deeply into me. Actually started photo shopping one of my selfies which was another learning curve in itself as I played with the tonal subtleties. Anyway, here are a few pieces I have been playing with. Feeling repeals connected and love the turquoise blue shadow play. The Degas exhibition in Melbourne was also a wonderful reminder to loosen up and remember to play…and sometimes imperfect is perfect.  It’s the process I love…the journey of creation. It’s the story that keeps evolving and changing with each layer of paint that is exciting and holds magical possibilities.

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