choose joy

Life is a playground…

Choose Joy!

I have been exploring my world and my passions as I dive into my art world.

As I explore what it means to follow my soul path and I am wondering about the power of the word passion. Passion is such a powerful word with so many expectations that surround it.

This is the passion space that is home to me. I have known that I wanted to create and teach since grade 2. The reality is that I am an exception and not everyone has such certainty. It was that certainty that became the intention that guided my choices..

After teaching in the school system for over 2 decades it is obvious that many students come into a secondary school space with absolutely no idea what they want, many are still not sure when they leave at year 12. This has almost become the norm as many universities choose to start students with a generic overview course.

Last night I watched a wonderful video on super soul Sunday’s where Elizabeth Gilbert talked about curiosity as a path through. She talks about passion as not everyone’s path. Some of us have amazing adventures and try lots of different things like hummingbirds moving from flower to flower. These gatherers that sample lots of things, immerse themselves and move on are the amazing majority and they are continually searching, exploring and playing. The point that is highlighted here is that we are here to find joy and that takes many forms and is not one path for each person.

What brings you joy?

What lights your fire and makes time feel endless may be passion but what attracts you to something may change. A passion can change. Who made the rule that you could only have one passion for your entire life? You are not the same person you were 5 – 10 – 20 years ago. We change and the things we love change and passions can change too.

For some people there is one burning passion that has lit them up for as long as they can remember. These are the people who are all about passion and purpose that is focused on one thing. This is what is often referred to as a soul path For others they may have multiple areas they live without having one single passion. They love lots of things and have no desire to narrow their focus. They are happy in their magnificent world of choices. You may have a life path that is an amazing multi – faceted exploration of the world. The one thing to hold in your heart is that we are here to seek joy. If we do not know our passion because our world is full of lots of things Elizabeth Gilbert suggests that we choose to be curious. Perhaps you will be surprised by joy.
Perhaps it is time to step back and take the broader view. Whoever you are, and whatever your life purpose, the whole idea of this amazing adventure we call life is to find joy. If that is one thing or many things, it’s your journey and you get to create it…your choice, your possibilities. Be curious, notice the moments and ask ‘what if’?


Life is full of choices….it’s your play ground

……be in your heart space

and choose.. .
…… what brings you……… JOY!

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