I have had one of those difficult weeks. My daughters adventurous cat Nix was sadly hit by a car and after 2 days came home. He jumped a full sized back fence with a foot that was all bones and blood. Time has been about caring for him as after amputation of his back leg we now have a three legged cat. He is recovering well but demanding as expected. Very lucky to still have him. He is currently recovering in our lounge room which has become his quarantine recovery zone.

So now I am back in the studio, working on completing small works on paper pieces, as that is what is manageable with all the adjustments this week.  I have only got an hour and a half today but this is the piece I worked on and the finished product. It definitely needed Nox to complete the image. I can still see a few areas to refine but that is because nothing is ever truly finished. That continual process of questioning and reflection.




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