Paint splatters

Playfully creating

I create in flow and so the space around me needs to fit in with the moment. I look down at my paint splattered painting jeans. They are covered in paint and when I put them on I feel ready to step into my artist soul and create. They are an essential part of my art making uniform…unique to me of course. I learnt long ago that if I worried about what I wore or simply wore an apron or painting coat, that I would somehow manage to get paint on my clothing somehow. The protection didn’t seem to work when I was in flow. The focus on the art work meant that I was no longer thinking about whether my clothes were okay. That was just another distraction that would take me out of the moment. I paint with my hands, fingers, sticks, sponges, brushes and whatever else is possible so it can get messy but that is part of the fun. When do you last let yourself have fun and get messy? I let my inner child out to play on a regular basis and it helps me balance the different roles in my life. I have added a few playful background beginning pieces as i explore, splatter, create and simply enjoy the process.

I have watched so many amazingly talented artists do inspirational videos and know that I want to do that. The  fact that I look at them and think – wow …I am impressed (and a little jealous…I admit it…) that they stay so clean. Deep down I believe in the chaos theory, where I work intently and allow possibilities and just do it. I am oblivious to the outside world and deep in my creative play. Then I step back and observe and listen to my inner voice prompting the next step before moving back into the next step. So mess occurs and order somehow arrives as the piece is resolved. I wonder what my process will look like on video. Definitely will be a learning curve.

My studio space regularly goes into a state of disaster but then once the intensity of the painting journey subsides I need to clean and create order. This cycle seems to create a space for processing and allows me to move into the next part of whatever project I am working on. In fact the simple act of cleaning my studio is . an essential part for my creative process when I think about it. It is the time where I make space for the new ideas to enter so I can continue dancing with my muse.

At the moment my intention is to paint owls so of course that is what I find most often, in the playfully painted background layers. The process is intuitive so I do not know the finished results. That is one of the many things I love about this approach. It is one of deep trust and allowing that inner guidance to lead me. No fear, as I have already covered the blank canvas is gorgeous colorful layers.

Last night, after I had packed up, a canvas caught my eye and I clearly saw the owl image that wanted to become so I turned around and grabbed a brush and started placing marks to indicate the wing sweep and the angle of the head. That way I knew the owl would be waiting for me when I next returned to my studio.

I am working up the courage and equipment to do some of my own videos.Yes, I value authenticity, so that means my loved painting jeans will be part of that journey. I hope you are allowing your inner child out to play and enjoying the freedom of creative play in whatever form inspires you.

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