Experimenting, playing and creating


Starting to experiment with my pieces for the shop. I came home tonight after work to make castes and experiment with a couple of small pieces. I made a bear and an owl piece tonight out of polymer clay. I do like the idea of the draped owl wing and draped bear claw paw within the spiral hair in these 2 pieces. This draping and the crystals are my personal touch to this type of piece. Larger pieces are made as collaborative pieces as Natalie will attach these pieces to the center of dream catchers. As starting points they are working well. I have also made the castes from my wolf heads using the Mont Marte air dry clay so that when they dry, I can use them to make wolf face pieces. This clay works well and releases more easily than the bought silicone molds. This is a lot of fun so I will see where it goes. Okay got distracted…it is time to post this wit images of my first 2 recent experiments with the owl and bear. I used Dino original for these 2 and it took about 5 minutes to bake…really quick. The next step was to color using 2 Coates. The first coat is Golden’s quinacridone nickel azo gold high flow acrylic. I brush it on then wipe it back. Then I add Golden’s sepia high flow acrylic and wipe it back.

I will see how it goes but I do like the the play an the extension of my knowledge of polymer clay possibilities.

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