I always feel that the challenge of painting a face is an amazing push and pull of re shaping. The continual questioning of each mark as the image takes shape. Do the eyes match up. Does she capture that spark or do I need to keep working over and building up the layers and then the ‘ oh really…why did I do that…I liked it better before’.Art is an exploration that rarely goes in a straight line. I think this process of uncovering and discovering the emerging image is part of the joy of the process….actually the joy is the moment of realising that the forms have fallen into place and it feels right and the muted undertones make way for the warmth of  colours in the artworks final stages. Some days it is about working the image back to its rawness so you can find your way forward and that is what today is so I will add these raw next steps …today I will not finish anything but I will move forward. So the images that follow are not finished but that’s okay. Tomorrow they may be ready for completion and so may I.


“Intention bends towards the light”    Joseph Campbell

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