THE BEGINNING…WHAT IF?Mixed media resin adventure


Art has a way of beginning with the thought ‘what if…? as questions float through your mind.The question of ‘ what if I used resin as a layer of the image within my mixed media art.? What if the resin layer did more than create a shiny solid coating and actually added more information to the original image. These questions began a new adventure into a mixed media resin art journey and has extended my process in lovely ways


Starting this new process…this new adventure is an extension on my basic resin jewellery understandings. I have some basic understanding of the processes involved in using rein in art which meant that I had a platform to take my leap into something new.

My beginnings: wearable art resin

When I have wanted to learn something new, I have always searched for it. I like to explore and art is learning with each new layer and discovery along the way. That whole thing about building on prior knowledge really does help put all the pieces together into something new.


I have made basic jewellery pieces with resin that combined my hand coloured prints made from my ink drawings that were coated in resin and included wire and crystal this case the resin was used as a sealing coat that protected and made a shiny surface. I didn’t know how to create a resin pour but youtube did so I began learning. I love learning so that is a continuing joy. The biggest part of this process felt like the moment when I purchased a butane blowtorch. New experiences and really transforming something with fire is amazing and then I was ready to seriously play…so exciting.

I watched lots of resin videos and saw a technique where the resin art started with a layer of clear that coloured batches of resin were added into. This was one of many videos but it was the one that sparked a lot of connections and what the idea I had been looking for. This made me wonder what a resin painting would look like if it incorporated the mixed media art and the resin techniques that used these beautifully rich colours and kept some of the transparent layers so the image could show through? This is such a playful exploration and there is so much to learn.


I had been asking the universe for guidance for my art biz. I wanted inspiration for something joyful that I would love to create that would attract people to me and want to take the art pieces home. I have several solo shows happening but the question is how to take it the next step. Quantity is never an issue but where was my art adventure leading me? That is when the penny dropped and I realised that it was time to experiment with resin in a new way. I am finding the process addictive and enjoying the surprises and unexpected beauty that forms within the layers. It is creating effects that are new and inspiring, that I could not achieve in any other way.


I will be posting a series of blogs about my mixed media resin process and what I discover along the way and how the process evolves. I hope you will join me. I’m currently a few days in to this adventure and will aim to share a couple of times a week.

I am posting where I started from and let you follow along the path to where I end up. The images below are a selection of my resin brooches that evolved into my wooden owl brooches. This is where the brooches became one off unique pieces of wearable art. These pieces became the doorway to something more and my guided desire to explore resin as more than a clear layer really began.

If you know a lot about resin then it may be basic to you but for me it is one discovery after another. Perhaps I can inspire you to begin using resin differently and inspire you to choose the rules that you want to break to create something new. Rules are beginning points of an adventure that begins when you step outside the box. That is the space that calls me and where I really want to be more often and this process takes me there.

I am learning how addictive resin as a mixed media process is.Each Day seems to add a new possible direction and a new understanding.


I would love this to become a conversation about what we discover on our own mixed media resin adventures. Or if you enjoy seeing me share the process, then please share your thoughts. I will post in a series of days as I go along, starting with day 1. Some will obviously be from over easter as I am already behind in posting on my blog. Please forgive the lack of every day posts but I can’t manage that. It is Easter Saturday already but I have my posts waiting to be finalised. I don’t want to drown you in posts but I do want t to share each step of the adventure as then it will make sense as you see my art and understanding grow organically with each piece and each new experiment.

Please comment and share your thoughts, ideas and tips along the way as we grow and learn together. Also love to know what you like best. I am always aiming to move towards what I love and hope that it inspires and connects with you too. Learning and connecting every step of the way.

Love and blessings Cheryle


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