It’s a small world

Currently, I have been working on my Earth Collection of wearable art Jewellery. All these pieces use images from my original art. I have begun using wooden bezel bases which I love. The warmth of the natural wood in jewellery is such a beautiful feel on your skin.

Sometimes an art piece doesn’t work on small scale pieces or would work better on a larger background that fits the format more easily.  There are images that needed that something more so I have been experimenting with adding digital art to the mindful mixed media in my art process. Sometimes there are only small amounts of change to create the impact required in a smaller piece but other times the changes are major. The use of filters also adds to the possibilities.

It seems as if there are so many ways to play and I am loving where this exploration is taking me. This blackbird feels influenced by my bushfire series and is a different approach to the other pieces as is based on that silhouette shape.

I thought I would share a few of the playful image transformations that I have explored. If it didn’t pop in miniature that was my prompt to go further. The changes are prompting me to be braver and bolder with colour and marks. This is not refined changes but marks strong enough to work when reduced in size.

Blue Wren

Outlines and white halos, a few dots of light and the piece are transformed into something new. I have tended to go darker but now know that I need to bring in the light. The darkness in the blackbird works as it is a border against a strong white.

The new image has a strong circle composition that moves around the wren as the sun and the leaves of the bush that she is standing on surround her. This effect is added to by the radiation lines extending upwards from the sun and the lighter sky.

Kookaburra play

This kookaburra piece is a favourite of mine as I love the beautiful turquoise and contrast but the 2 kookaburras on a brooch were too much. I needed to simplify and so I started to play and see what was possible. The joy is that I can save as a new piece and always have the original if I want to change or go in a different direction.

The detail needed to be kept to a minimum as there was so much going on in the kookaburra that she was getting lost in the noise of images. I liked the third image best but there was too much white and it didn’t work well as a small image so I smoothed out some of the background and got rid of some of the white around the eye. This image worked as I had allowed myself to let go of the details and also added more reds dancing in the background so I had that colour contrast happening.

I am finalising the jewellery and will post some of these in a later post. It has been a lovely learning curve and is teaching me to be braver with my contrasts. There are more images that I will refine but this is a glimpse into my process.

Love and Blessings



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