Friendly Creatures

Isolation and creative space

This all started with a CD cover and a tight deadline that became as long as a piece of string as we all went into lockdown. The CD cover started as a painting and shifted into photoshop for digital refining. What I realised was that I had endless choices on how to shift and play with the images I was combining…I was hooked…and then with the isolation and space to create I discovered that I could create digital art downloads and this sounded like such a lovely idea.

Etsy ideaInto the wild

I discovered that there was a lot of work involved in both creating the print and setting up the shop but decided the end results were worth it. It is time to set up my Etsy store and I have named it Cheryle Bannon Art. I will launch the store at the end of the month (June) and start with digital downloads of high-quality images that can be easily printed at home or at your favourite printers. The joy of this process is that is easy and a lot cheaper than buying a hard copy of an art print.

For a long time, I have considered an Etsy store but have never got there. As with any new adventure, there is a lot to learn and through the process, I am having fun. I have some pieces that I will happily add as is but others will need rephotographing and others will become new pieces entirely.

Here I am with so much time for my studio but a lack of ways to share my art except online. Instagram has been my main space to share and grow but hasn’t been a sales space for me…more to learn there as well I guess… I’ve decided to start up an Etsy store to share my art as digital downloads. Of course, every time I return to an art piece I want to add to it so often that has meant reworking a piece or using an unfinished piece and recreating it. Sometimes as with the wolf in the dreamcatcher, I have combined 2 or more pieces.  Sometimes I have added backgrounds where there wasn’t on or words to go with the image.

Mr Raven

BlackbirdI have been on another adventure and am surprised to realise how addicted I am becoming to this digital art process. The joy is in taking an art piece and creating something new and continuing a story I had begun.

The Ravens were an initial idea made visible by overlaying a variety of photos of the same raven in different sizes and adding the garden behind. I don’t usually use photos but this play taught me a lot. The small blackbird is an earlier play I love from a very small painting I did a while back.

There is still so much to learn as I explore these ideas. Best ways of sizing are interesting as I realised the images are so large that I had to create web versions as even the apps on the webpage won’t accept the big files.

Little Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood is based on an ole journal collage page and this was the reinterpretation. The world looks very different when art becomes digital. Now I want to learn how to create photoshop brushes to personalise my art even further. Yes, I am going down the proverbial rabbit hole but it is with a lovely connected direction in mind.

wise wanderings

The girl and owl is a favourite image for me and so this small drawing became a painting in a very different way. She is my focus for my first print upload with many more to come. I need 10 to really have a good launch so will start adding them to Etsy later in the week. I will share what I learn along the way and continue updates as I move towards launching at the end of the month.

So many exciting ways to share and explore art as inspiration, connection and guidance along the way.

I hope you are finding new and exciting ways to play in your own creative space

Love and Blessings,



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