Looks a little like a road runner.. a close encounter.


Today was a magical day. I was going to the Dandenong market for breakfast and a wander and then to the Dandenong Ranges with my husband Keith and a couple of friends. We ended up going to Cloudhill nursery and exploring the gardens.

  • Cloud hill memories

    There was definitely magic in the air as I enjoyed the beauty of he world around me. I was searching for patterns as I am working on an ebook that explores ways of finding your personal symbols. This symbols and patterns explorative play date is one of the activities.i am developing.
    I have a new iPhone 7 and exploring a macro app and the new iPhone features. 3 things to play with at once and I’m happy in my play space
    In the restaurant I had one of those coincidental meetings if you believe in coincidences. I was wearing my angel necklace that is a favourite piece and has such a beautiful energy. I had bought it at a small gallery in Kew many years ago. As I walked back to my table a woman touched my hand and said that’s hers…she made it…looking at the friend she was having lunch with. This is a very special piece to me so it was a lovely moment and I’m sure I felt the universe winking at me. What was the likelihood of merging this woman. I made sure I got her detailed and thanked her for the joy her piece had given me. You can find Mama Ula’s jewels on Facebook. Absolutely love her inspiring artwork.
    What an amazing day…I love synchronicity and knowing that so much is possible.
    Still in my learning space and the jewellery photography is on hold while I wait for my macro lens for my iPhone. I’ll see how that idea goes with more wonderful playful exploration. In the mean time I’ll keep writing and painting my way through my summer holidays and enjoying the moments.

My Guardian Angel

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