Still learning, stretching and transforming.

The idea of change and choice reminds me of a favourite a couple of favourite quote:s

Leap and the net will appear..

or as my year 10 English teacher (Stephan) quoted in my autograph book:

Come to the edge

No it’s to high,

Come to the edge,

No I’ll fall,

Come to the edge,

So I came to the edge…

And you pushed me off,

And I flew.

I am a stubborn Taurean and I love my site and did not want to do this assignment. The blogging 1O1 assignment was to try out a few other sites. Sounds good on the surface but when you have spent a long time setting up your site so it feels right, this is challenging. I did this and hated it…it was stressful as I lost what I had and then eventually got it back. I am good at trying new things however I do tend to complain first and then I’ll do it.  What I did learn from this experience was that I was not using all the elements of the theme I had chosen and so now I am going back to take a closer look at how to use the portfolio feature. I have published an Angel portfolio and started another. I keep learning new things every step. Love learning but hate the lack of control that comes with the learning curve and the blind spot where I wait as information flies off into the www to connect, reform and return. My pages look good in my opinion but then the portfolio’s will offer greater visibility. Still exploring all the possibilities I can to shape a blog that will represent me well and attract like minded people.

For anyone who has not embarked on this blogging adventure, I wish you many happy days of exploration and quick solutions, in your moments of frustration. It takes time to set up but things will keep falling into place along the way. Lots of nice people out there to guide you as you shape what your virtual world will look like.

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