For MumThank you

Mum has been gone 17 years now. This painting is honoring her soul essence as I feel the space that she is as I carry her inside my heart. This is my feminine wild creative soul declaring…YES! ? the woman who loved deeply despite her pain. She gave me so much strength and I am so grateful for all that she was and she is deeply missed. Now as I remember, I know that in this time of transformation, I am honoring her memory as I I am stepping into me…and following me deep creative dreams. I have come a long way and it’s time to expose that passionate , vulnerable, powerful wisdom and let it shine bigger and better than ever. This painting journey is for you Mum and your incredible spirit as your soul cradled you through all your sickness and the disappointments of not being able to go where you dreamed. This is for the strong woman who chose to bare 3 children and find a new path? The woman who carried her tears and pain and somehow lived into her 60s to meet her last grandchild and my son. Your amazing endurance and love is what has made it possible for me to become the independent creative, playful soul that I am today. You taught me how art could be such an amazing heart connection that gave you peace and joy in the act of doing. I watched you paint and felt my creative muse call to my own hearts longing.

Art as prayer

Today I see each art piece as a prayer and a blessing as I live the journey of creation. This piece is not a portrait but a heart essence piece that is the inner knowing and ability to be your potential against the odds. The power that allows us to live in our hearts even when our bodies are broken. With all the layers and challenges she faced, it feels right that the faces are textured with lace that seems holds her story of pain and strength and a warrior spirit.

Female lineage: gifts

Her gift to me is the gift of her strength of knowing that you live life as fully as you can no matter what and that optimism and deep faith that carried her. The lineage of her artist soul has shaped me in every way as my creative soul allows my muse to find the space and freedom to dance across the canvas as I have learnt to trust the inner wisdom and guidance of intuitive play.

Grandmother moon

I won’t get to finish this today but tomorrow is the anniversary of my Grandmother’s birthday. She was creative and quirky but her creativity was suppressed. I find myself painting a moon in the background. I am remembering the old stories that talk about Grandmother moon. Each idea is so layered but Grandma needed to be in this piece…she was such a big part of my story and such a like soul.

The journey

I am deep into the journey space as I dig beneath the surface. I feel as though I need a red thread to weave the connection through the piece a sit takes shape and the spring leaves form in her hair as a sign of new beginnings. So much more to experience but so glad to feel connected with my female history today. The panting is raw at this point and needs time to dry so I can continue building the story layers. I will see what the journey brings tomorrow.

Thank you

This is for you Mum, with all my love and gratitude as I Light a candle and remember you and know your spirit is never far from my heart.

Thank you

A work in progress, as I lovingly remember Mum after 17 years…thank you

Memory Keeper

We are shaped by our memories and the places we have travelled and are yet to go.


I wonder what part of your family lineage you carry forward into the future.? What has been gifted to you and what place does it have in your heart story?

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