Connecting to guided Earth stories is something that continually inspires my creative flow.  Remembrance Day for Lost Species 2020 is an online exhibition that is about exploring these spaces of loss and the Earth footprint we leave and the scarring along the way as so many species are lost.

Deb Punton of Greensong has created an online exhibition of sharing of responses to this theme sharing her eco-art processes which are all about connecting to our senses and responding intuitively. Of course, I loved the opportunity that was so aligned with the inspiration and my own process of art connection. This heart centred connection that is intuitive and guided is where those inner stories and the Guided Earth stories that are waiting to emerge.

The exhibition is launched on November 29th or alternatively on the 30th of November with a donation as part of the lost species gathering as a world event.

  • 100% of fees will go to protect the threatened species in the forests from logging by VicForests through Warburton EnvironmentYou can also donate without participating through one of the event gathering links or directly through Warburton Environment.

Such a lovely opportunity to reflect and connect to Gaia energy. So much is lost and we forget to honour this space where life once was.

The Gaia TreeThis requiem for lost species as a reflection of our connection to our environment and the grief of loss. A pause to reflect…

We are all one on this Earth Home.
The choice of forgetting or remembering losses along the way. Unravelling the weaving of our existence until
the fabric itself can no longer retain its beauty or its shape as the empty spaces grow.
This memory tree is guardian, holding Gaia stories of ancient wisdom lost. The bird watches as the losses
gather in dots, marks and scars upon her. The vessel of loss breathes life into what was
and what could be as we choose remembering. Snake creator energy spirals in and out as flow, calling us back into harmony, restoring balance. Gaia is grieving Earth story memories, Shedding her tears, gathering as pools in heart resonance. This sacred holding space of loss and unity grieving is a continent…a world within itself, that we carry forward in reverence…let us remember the lost species…the wisdom stories lost in time.

I have just returned from a beautiful trip to the country after a long Victorian lockdown. As we walked along Johanous beach I saw this driftwood monolith…small but powerful. It seems to fit this theme of remembrance as it sat within a fenced-off area designed to protect the nesting area for a bird called the hooded plover. This sculptural piece in nature was holding the preciousness of this sanctuary of protection and was a beautiful reminder of how we all need to hold the earth with an openness that is supportive and caring. Areas of protection such as these are a way of caring for the sacred spaces that are our Earth home.
Earth Sanctuary

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