In the creative flow

I am learning to trust this creative flow and let go of some of the clutter. I am finding balance in my art business and had a few solo shows last year and my posting became irregular. This is a catch-up and a reset for 2019.  There are so many things to manage and explore that I need to revisit my direction and redirect myself to sharing more on my webpage. I have shared a lot on Facebook as I love the comments. A website can feel like a personal diary sometimes as you never know who visits. I love knowing that people are seeing the sharing and am learning what it takes to navigate the different platforms and balance that with my creative doing spaces.


I have been creating and exhibiting and finding my feet as I grow into this full-time artist business world. There are so many elements that I am learning and exploring. There is still so much to learn and my current focus is organising what life looks like to develop my art biz and creating.

The Hills and finding like souls

I am really excited to be having another solo show in February at the Forest Edgestone Gallery in Kallista. This lovely little gallery is set within a delightful permaculture nursery run by Tamara. Paul runs the gallery and the whole place has a beautiful community feel. It is exactly the sort of location and connections that I have been looking for.

I live in Carnegie but have become part of EMACH which is the Eastern Makers and Creators Hub which means Upwey and the surrounding area is quickly becoming my second home. I feel so connected within this beautiful natural space. Really grateful to find that alternative heart in the hills and do hope I start to connect to more of that in the suburbs. I am enjoying each opportunity as it comes and I have had a continual flow of exhibitions that I have said YES to. I have decided to say ‘YES’ as much as possible to connect more and find out what it looks like to be in community and sharing actively. I have already begun developing these connections through a group show and a Christmas open Studio and will be in another group show in March. So grateful for all the connections in my life.


One of the connections I have wished for is a women’s group to share spirit and healing. I am Reiki trained (Isis, Usui and angel reiki) and it is lovely to share this healing within a circle which will begin next week. Being open to opportunities allows more in and I am enjoying the serendipity of all these connections that are occurring between art, spirit and those connected areas of my spiritual path

Wild Thing

My show in February will reflect this connection to nature and this community that cares deeply for the environment and those heart spaces. The art I am creating as it is all about animal guidance and the spirit animals that I love exploring. These evolving art pieces are layered mixed media art that connects to the guidance and wisdom of the animal world and that wild nature. After much deliberation. I decided to call the show ‘Spirit of the Wild Thing.’ I felt this held a recognition of that instinctual wisdom of these wild creatures in all their forms. Sometimes we try to tame them but their spirit is still within that wild natural world that I love so much. I don’t have an invite yet but that will evolve soon.


My facebook page Cheryle Bannon Art has an album of all my images as they evolve and can be purchased directly from me before or during the show if anything calls to you. Many of the images are still in process and as they are completed I will add artwork details. There are far too many pieces to fit in the space but I love the choice and seeing where each new story takes me as I learn so much along the way.

Below are a few of the final images…some are more traditional mixed media paintings and others include resin and several layers that seems to create unique magic.

Do feel free to comment and ask questions as I continue to explore. Getting a sense of an animal spirit means letting go of realistic and playing with imaginings as I trust my intuition and build the layers. It is a playful connected process as I learn and grow into understanding the new stories that evolve in each art piece.


Share and Enjoy !