Athena...The Goddess of Wisdom.

Athena…The Goddess of Wisdom.

The violin plays as she steps into her possibilities.

The violin plays as she steps into her possibilities.














I went into organising phase this morning, slowly clearing a small corner of the garage. I think they call it avoidance. Then a warm bath and a good book. By the time I got to the studio I was ready to go back to a couple of larger pieces that had been waiting for mt return. My focus was to loosen up a bit and let the background and foreground overlap and find movement. The violin needed to sit as I had splashed and poured over the surface. I am experimenting with splashing and pouring…splashing liquid acrylic and glaze medium and pouring ink. So it was time to go back to Athena and her owls. She is starting to take shape and I do like the blues and the golden yellows and browns, such an inviting, strong colour palette. Who knows where she will end up but she has a strength that is developing that I am happy with. Sometimes the intense bursts of activity are the most productive. Sometimes iit helps just to let go of the rules and play with the ideas to allow something new in.

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