Noticing the moments and seeking joy

This morning I woke up with creative dreams in my head but last night I had somehow managed to lose the beautiful slider image on my front page. Nothing seems to shake my desired joy more than the frustration of not understanding cyber space and where the images had gone. I tried again to fix it in vain and then the Internet failed so I guess the universe was telling me to move on. Not the best way to start the day, so I headed for the shower knowing that water is calming and would help redirect my vibration. It did and I headed out to sit on my studio veranda with a coffee, breakfast and a good book (Big Magic by ….). I started to relax and come back to my sense of balance. The studio has that effect on me, even before I touch a paintbrush. As I sat enjoying the calm morning air I looked up to see a dove ( a regular visitor and local resident) going about her business bravely uncaring about my presence. She was gathering twigs for her nest from the pile of garden cuttings. I felt blessed and enjoyed the moment until Maya ( my faithful muse and companion) noticed and chased the dove away. I called her and told her no and to my surprise she obeyed. The dove continued to forage and did not care about a dog in the vicinity. What a beautiful lesson that I needed at that moment. The dove was naturally accepting each moment, move when you need to but don’t let the environment stop you from fulfilling your mission.
It is so easy to let the world impact you and distract you and as I am emotionally guided and it is easy to just get stuck, so I am constantly reminding myself that my purpose on earth is joy. There is always another way so just keep focused and stay on track or change back to the track you want by shifting your actions (a shower) and your space (my studio). My desire for joy had been impacted by a simple web page glitch that I could not fix. Move out of harms way ( negative feelings or dog chasing you) and move into a moment that you know gives you peace so you can shift incrementally back to joy. Then the dove is gone from sight but unexpectedly the coos of a pair of doves vibrates back and forth through the air. The challenge is about being open and grateful for the small messages that remind you of your own potential and ability to create your world is about being in the moment. As Abrahams (Esther and Jerry Hicks) remind us…it only takes 17 seconds to shift what you are manifesting in your world.
So right now I want to say thank you and that I am grateful for beautiful backyards, a fearless dove, my faithful friend Maya, a comfortable cane chair to relax in on my studio porch and the ability to choose what I am focusing on. And then back to reading until the cooing of unseen doves brings me back to this peaceful moment.

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