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Disasters happen and the VIctorian fires are a horrible reminder of what can go wrong.

This post has been difficult to write as I know that there are so many people in pain and suffering from the ferocity of the fires and deep loss of home and for some, friends and family. Somehow we need to find our way back to balance and this is challenging when our heart is breaking. I chose to write about kookaburra because she helps us find balance and healing.

Writing about healing and the bushfires is a challenge but it is at these times of crisis that we most need guidance to find our way back to ourselves.

I know we often connect kookaburras to joy and in the face of the fire disaster in Victoria, that seems inappropriate but I want to ask you to look a bit deeper. These wise birds are about hope, overcoming fear and finding balance within the extreme times. Whether it be bushfire or loss that can take so many forms, the question becomes how do I find my way back to me, when so much has gone?

Kookaburra Guidance

When the world has lost its known form, call on kookaburra guidance to move forward.

The kookaburra reminds us to let go of what was lost and look forward to what is to come. In the painting below, the kookaburra looks out in curiosity and even with the fire encroaching, she refuses to let it overcome her.

The kookaburra has a way of seeing the positive within the darkest situation and so brings balance and harmony. There is always the next step forward no matter how extreme the situation is.

With fire the choice has been taken away and you know that the physical letting go has been done but now what? One step at a time, move forward, knowing that life has a way forward for you.

It is time to let go of what was and step into the new day, whatever it may bring.

Kookaburra brings us to hope when all around seems hopeless. With kookaburra as a spirit animal, you will be able to be in the moment despite the situation not because of it.

At times when the world is turned upside down, we are reminded that we are more than our possessions and the world is waiting for our next path to appear.  Observe what is around you and acknowledge all you have. Treasure the space you are in and allow yourself to discover the next version of you.

When loss and pain seem to fill the horizon, kookaburra asks you to look beyond it and cherish what remains, as life will grow again in new and unexpected ways. The Australian bush quickly starts to sprout new green shoots from the burnt remains of trees and through the blackened earth. Life finds a way in unexpected places.

The day begins

Looking forward

The kookaburra is a powerful spirit guide as she reminds us that there is always hope and to know that you will find your path again. She is about conquering fear as you surround yourself with family.  Remember what you have lost and allow new patterns to emerge as you step into a time of healing and finding balance.


Finding balanceKookaburras

Her laughter still fills the air as the fires continue. She finds a way of looking at the world with hope and expectation of the next path and makes room for her world to heal. She knows that there are times to let go and so she finds her balance in the moment as she laughs when her natural instinct is to cry. She allows joy back in when life has hurt her deeply.

She is resilient and looks toward her family and knows that life will continue as she feels the laughter of hope rise from deep within. Balance is restored when she remembers that she is not alone.

All art is for sale and a percentage of sales from my bushfire animals will be donated to Wildlife Victoria as we all feel the impact and look for ways to help the healing process and support all who have suffered. Follow the link is you wish to make a direct donation to support our wildlife impacted by the bushfires.

Love and blessings




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