Playing with the challenges of jewellery photography. Getting the image details and no big white shiny highlights is a learning curve as is avoiding too many shadows. Getting there and even learnt to wirelessly connect my lumix tz40. One step at a time but building the photo quality is an essential starting point. Working with prints of my original artwork to create my talismanic artisan jewellery. It tracking my jewellery journey and deciding where to sell online. ❤️ my jewellery play but have avoided putting it online due to the need to improve the photos. Love any support and ideas for newbie product photography success. My goal is to work out the best way to market my jewellery as I have some time to focus on my learning in January. Photography seemed the best place to start as if it needs to show the details and details through a glass dome creates an interesting challenge. My best option has not been the bought lite box photo setup. Using a white plastic file box, watercolour paper sheet and a shady patio in the morning seemed to work best. Of course I had to use a tripod and a timer. I haven’t tried the remote set up when doing this although using the iPad will let me see the issues more than the small camera screen. That will be the next learning space.



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