Lower. Resolution owl brooch

Growing an understanding and comparing results.

Owl brooch- better resolution

K Happier with these results.. Always learning

Well today has been frustrating but I’ve made progress with my little automatic Lumix TZ40. I tried the remote wifi using my iPad which was a little frustrating as I need to add the opener app to download to my camera. I started using the lumix link app and needed the lumix image app. Both work but the image app seems a bit easier. I defnitLy like using the wifi connectivity as it allows m to see the detail of what I am photographing on a bigger screen.

I was photographing outside on an overcast day which got better results. The image was more detailed and worked better but by the time I’d worked it out the lens was fogging with the cold.. I think that is a message to stop for awhile. The successful image was better but still not perfect but it will work so I am on the right track. I would have loved to put it onto artpal and add to this site but in my experimentation I hadn’t seen the fine hair at the base of the brooch. I know I am learning and each littlestep takes me closer to where I want to be. I will take more on a warmer day or maybe even go back to trying my jewellery light box set up. But for now I will add the comparative photos so you can see what I mean. I really need to decide wether I have to go SLR or if I can stick to my lumix which for all other art based photography, has been perfect. The challenge is the glass domes that are so reflective and getting the detail in the small pieces as I keep researching. For flat pieces I could have tried scanning as I have seen this work really well. Maybe this would be worth exploring for some if my wire  and resin pieces. So much to explore. I do love the info available on the web to help me when I feel a little incompetent when faced with a steep learning curve.

I will keep exploring to see what works best but feel like I should be able to get some online by the end of the week as the results look so much better. That would be good progress …but for now I will play with paint and enjoy my studio space as I have learnt enough about photography for one day.


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