Art jewellery originals in process…drying before the next step.

I have been busy playing with refining my jewellery. I started using bought bezels which are fine but somehow not unique enough for my art jewellery pieces. So I have created copper wire bezels and am playing with the possibilities. Copper is linked to the Goddess so carries a feminine energy. The jewellery is one off although similar imagery can be used. I am aiming for a 10 piece product line so I can do an Etsy launch.deciding what shapes and images work best is the challenge. Each piece is unique as although the images can be repeated, the bezels vary due to their hand made nature. All the images are my own. Some are straight miniatures of pieces I have created and others are amalgamations of a couple of pieces to add to the impact ofthe image when it is seen on a small scale. Some pieces will have small crystal drops and others just the occasional spiral. I will see where this path leads. I am developing some of these pieces for the Brooch show which is a traveling exhibition organised by the Contemporary artist society of Victoria. This show was the thing that sparked my initial fascination with  jewellery art pieces. I am having a lot of fun and testing a different resin for the coating this time. So much to learn. The pieces below have been glued to the bezel and require several layers of resin to complete and seal the image.

The journey of exploring my own images as minitures is fun and I am enjoying re-I visioning my art in new ways.

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