There is a sense that this intuitive focus in art is what will become to be known as the Intuitive Art Movement. No one seems to be giving it a group name. History does that but as I look around, and do my own research, it is obvious that there is a consistency in intent and focus across this amazing interactive network. The web allows me to find the like minded souls who are travelling on a similar journey.

Flora Bowley tells us to ‘be brave’, Tracy Verdugo encourages us to trust our intuition. We are continually reminded of the art of allowing. the idea that a painting be planned formally is not part of this process. it is the ability to listen to the inner prompts of that intuitive voice. As a facilitator for SoulCollage® I am told to ‘trust the process. Yes it is all sounding a little  new age but even that term has become old fashioned.

This is about the joy of play and exploration. How far can you stretch the boundaries of a medium…what new direction can you take when really…anything is possible…all is accepted. The message that there are no mistakes is clear. Just keep building the layers until it is almost impossible to tell which layer is which as images interweave. Learn to block out areas to focus on what you love. There are always areas to love even if they are as small as a penny. Highlight what you love and continue. What a wonderful principle to apply to our lives. If we lived life as we create, what a joyful world this would be.

Art like life is a journey…the more you allow life to flow and go with those gentle internal nudges, the easier it is. Sometimes those nudges seem impossible but it is the micro movements (Sark) and the ability to spin in and spin out (Flora Bowley) that allow us to repeated achieve the things that, not so long ago we claimed, were impossible. So like Alice, I aim to achieve ‘6 impossicle things before breakfast’ (Alice in Wonderland). I am currently sitting in my impossible backyard studio, looking at an impossible painting for one of 5 impossible group shows in 2 months. It’s time to start believing in our own inner voice so we can create the life of our dreams.

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