Free intuitive Art Demonstrations:

Blank Page Joy & Playful Printmaking


Art is all about the adventure and exploring new processes and luscious new materials that take your creative joy to the next level. Yes, art is definitely my happy place where I can explore beyond the edges of what I know, listen to my intuition and playfully create. I set an intention which is a soft little aim that may change along the way as that creative guidance my lead me down a different path. This is all about learning to trust that inner guidance and the breathe of inspiration as you follow your heart.


I’m in the middle of organizing supplies for my upcoming free intuitive art demonstration at the Artshed, Moorabbin in Melbourne which is a lovely gathering space to share ideas, learn and grow together.
I’m so excited to be sharing my process and hoping you’ll join me if you are a Melbourne local.


I will be running 2 free demonstration sessions in July to inspire you to play and find those creative spaces o feed your soul.
– Where: Artshed Moorabbin Super Center 444 Warrigal Road, Victoria Australia
When and what:

Saturday July 1st: BLANK PAGE JOY

10am – 11.30 am
Cheryle will demonstrate a variety of ways to connect with your inner wise self and create joyful beginning layers that inspire your creative soul to play.

Blank Page Joy

Free intuitive mixed media art demonstration

 Saturday July 15th: PLAYFUL PRINTMAKING

10 am – 11.30 am
Cheryle will demonstrate a a variety of printmaking techniques so you can see how to create your own unique printed layers. In the last part of the demonstration you will have the opportunity to create your own unique stamp as well as trying a few Cheryle has created.

Playful Printmaking

Free intuitive mixed media art demonstration

I would love to meet you and demonstrate some of these playful processes to add some of your own unique magic to your own art processes.


Whimsical Owl Workshop:

On July 29th and August 5th continue the adventure and join me for a 2 day Whimsical Owl Workshop where you will create three of your own Whimsical Owl Paintings. I will show you how to put all the pieces together to joyfully create through this intuitive mixed media art process.

More 2017 Workshops at the Artshed Moorabbin

Uniquely You: Playful Printmaking Layers

join Cheryle in this 2 day Xperia de where you will leave with several completed art works and a whole lot of printing tools to take your art to the next level. This us for anyone at any stage of there creative art adventure and will grow your artist’s toolkit.

Explore printmaking techniques that will add that personal touch to your art creations. Be ntroduced to the Wild Soul Creativity Process as you develop layers and create your own intuitive art that is uniquely you.

Day1: Learn how to create your own stamps, masks and stencils using a variety of innovative techniques. Create at least 5 different types of printable stamps, masks and stencils.

Day 2: use the printmaking Pilates’s you have created as you develop your own unique intuitive art works. Discover playful ways to combine printmaking and mixed media techniques as you explore approaches and techniques.

Find Your wings: Angel play

Time to spread your wings and connect to the Christmas spirit as we create our own angel guides and learn how to do personal readings and receive angel messages. This us a joyful proces of playfully creating layers and learn to trust our inner wisdom as we connect to something more. Intuitive art is about connecting to our inner guidance and awakening to something more. Connect with your angel guide as you create from a space of intuition as you learn to trust the process and create from your heart.

Day 1: Create playful layers as you connect with your inner wisdom and trust the process. Set clear intentions as you playfully create using a variety of mixed media materials. Be guided as you connect and explore the images emerging through the layers.

Day 2: Finding your angel through playful shapes and connection. Step into a space of mindfulness as you develop your angel and give her wings. The last part of the day will be an opportunity for you to learn how to step into the painting and receive the personal messages from your own angel.

UPCOMING Events and online courses

RAW NEXT showcase: August 24th 2017 

An opportunity to explore the works of a range of artist’s across the arts industries in Melbourne. This showcase will be an experience invisual art, photography,  fashion and music and more. Tickets purchased online are $20. Please purchase through this link as I am required to sell 20 tickets. If you love be the idea but can’t make the date, please consider buying a ticket to sponsor me in my participation in this exciting event.

RAW Flyer

A peak at my art flyer for RAW Next

ONLINE courses: Launching in 2017: watch for updates.

Whimsical Owl Wisdom

Uniquely you: Playful Printmaking

Find Your wings: Angel play



Love the idea of learning about intuitive art and want to be able to do personal readings from your art works but would like to do it with friends.

Small group retreat workshops for 5 people: Share my studio space as I playfully guide you on an intuitive art adventure. Owls, angels or animal guides.

Intuitive Art Party: Small groups of 5 or Cheryle Bannon will come to you: A playful three hour session where you can create your own intuitive art work on a small canvas and then learn how to read your artworks with your friends.

Soul Collage Workshops: Available on request for groups of 10. Cheryle Bannon is a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator and will teach you how to create your own personal SoulCollage® cards to guide you as you explore your soul parts. This is a beautiful intuitive process that helps you dive more deeply not the spaces within that give your soul room to breathe. This powerful process was developed by Sheena Frist and is an intuitive healing place of connection.

Intuitive art mentoring: Cheryle Bannon takes you by the hand and steps you through this joyful intuitive art process. Learn to connect to your own inner wisdom as you step into your own art work and receive soul guidance.

if you would like any further details on these opportunities to work with me or would like to enquirer further or buy or commission an art work please email me at

Please be aware that I am currently on as a temporary home which is in the process of being changed back to my permanent home. Apologies for any inconvenience.

love and blessings,

Cheryle Bannon



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