Heart IntentionsGuided Flow

For me, art always starts with a heart intention and so naturally I find myself finding words flowing into the images. I never know what connections will form but the intention for this piece was to create a small A5 mandala with word ribbons holding my flow mandala intentions. This is what I desire to manifest more of in my art process and my teaching.


Often words find their home in an art piece as they are naturally woven into the story of the piece. Words become another visual element that emphasises the feeling of the piece. Playing with words and images is something that I love. Sometimes the words come after the piece is finished and sometimes they form part of the image itself.

Dancing with the muse

Dancing with the Muse is a flow mandala that is about being in that creative space. My dog Maya is part of my studio space as she always keeps me company and sleeps under my desk as I create. SHe is that small blessing in a guided space that is where joy lives for me. The kookaburra appeared as a reminder to laugh and enjoy every moment. The words weave through the image and around the edges as they support the emerging story. I do love the connections that form within an art piece.

Flow mandalas are a lovely way to step into your own story and discover the new stories unfolding. Colour, contrast and connections create a gentle flow. Orange and green are unexpectedly beautiful in this colour play.

Unfolding stories

I never know what the next unfolding of my story will be but I am enjoying exploring the process and grateful for the small blessings in my life. Each piece holds an intention. The heart intention is in all aspects of the image as I find my own flow within the sacred circle space.

Flow mandalas are a mindful mixed media art process that help us create balance in our world. Find space to create in your own small spaces. Start with a circle and fill it with words and images as you connect to your inner wisdom. It can be a simple pen drawing or a more detailed painted piece…the detail really doesn’t matter. The magic of the flow mandala process is taking the time for mindful moments of creativity and the joy waiting within the process.

Love and blessings




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