Between marketing jewellery desires and tropical summer storms, my artist muse just wants to paint. I will return to the jewellery research and marketing but I need to balance this so I thought I would share my creatinpve distractions in process. I might just start adding some bits to artpal first and then decide the next step. Etsy is possible but need to revisit th e 10 piece product launch by Renae Christine. Research later…painting now.

My angel


We all need a little guidance sometimes.

Playing and loosening up…drawing with my non dominant left hand and exploring. Love the contrast in this angel at this stage but need her to dry to add glaze layers. This time I used a photo as a starting point but often the image comes first. I have had this photo for a couple of years and this time it was ready to be my inspiration. The background was a layered piece I had made to video my process and now it was ready. You know the times when 2 elements come together in perfect synchronicity and you just go for it. I love those moments of flow that immerse me in explorative play.

Another whimsical owl

This is one of my pallet paintings which are developed from random marks and layers made on my watercolour pad pallet. I continue layering until I see an image that calls me to bring it to life. This little owl was born in a tropical thunderstorm in Melbourne. I had planned to leave the studio and get ready to go to a friends for a pleasant social evening catch up. My arms full I opened the studio door to walk to the house when the heavens opened. I wasn’t going anywhere. If I was to be trapped anywhere, my studio was the perfect place. I put down my armful of bits and pieces including my iPad and a fan (our aircon is broken so the studio fan is perfect relieved). I looked around and thought what now and I saw the owl looking up at me. It was time to bring her to life. No reference photo for this, just pure intuitive joy. I began layering and playing. She is nearly complete. Obviously the eyes and talons need work and a few other details but not going too much further as I don’t want to lose the cuteness.  Time to let the paint dry…I’ll return another day. I am really pleased to have birthed this little owl and can go inside as the rain has stopped bucketing down feeling complete.

Fluffy owl and flowers

Wisdom amongst the flowers

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