Okay it’s a play on words. I re- visited an old painting I had titled ‘Hope’. I was happy with the original but because I’d changed, my paintings had changed, I felt like I needed to lift the colour. As soon as you touch one element, you start balancing across the painting and who knows where that will lead.  The paintings are taking on a new vibrancy of colour and pattern details within the layers.

I am reworking two pieces as part of the Burnley Harbour exhibition. I am putting in 6 works in total so slowly building the layers to completion.

Have the courage...

Have the courage…






I am the one who holds the bird of freedom,

Gently sitting and waiting for the moment,

Exploring beyond the frames edge,

To worlds undreamed of and wishes unbound,


Learning and allowing an outstretched hand,

Where wings have room to unfurl.

Finally stepping beyond the boundaries

And journeying into the unknown.


Where vines of uncertainty reach towards skies expanse,

And the invitation awaits drifting through time

Shaping imaginings moving and shifting through blue fields,

Forming and settling again and again in endless formations.


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