I’m on school holidays…this gives me more time in the studio which I love but this time I’m also speaking at the national AATE/ALEA English conference in Canberra. That’s a week out of my studio time but also preparing for speaking at this level is scary and new for me.
We are speaking about story and how it helps us learn. It is especially powerful when you are working with students who are low literacy, have learning issues because of trauma, or like so many of my students, come from areas of crisis from around the globe. For me it has always been the story that has helped me learn. I’m visual and every image tells a story. The power of visual images helped me get to a space where I could read and write. Visual literacy, as it is called, is so much of what the world is about today. Flick through the web sites until an image captures you and you are drawn into the story.
Yes I’m organised and have my power point presentation and cue cards ready to print out and take with me. I keep thinking I should do that superhero pose practice that they mentioned in the TED talks. Stand in the superhero pose for 10 minutes a day. Studies have apparently shown it does wonders for your confidence…never mind how silly you look. Yes I tried it once. Felt a bit like a standing meditation.
Anyway I leave in Wednesday and will have a couple of days to play…spend time with my sister and catch up with old friends.
I do feel I am living in 2 worlds and balancing is hard at times. I love the opportunities and the connections I get through teaching and deeply believe I am a better person for all the wonderful students I have taught along the way and all they have taught me.
I also love my studio so this holiday is divided into 2. I week for art and one for teaching. Of course I will have my journal with me. If a presentation is boring I will quietly draw. Sincerely hope mine is engaging…of course I have lots of visual examples.
This year I will have done 2 scary things and grown along the way. The first being walking the Overland Track in Tasmania…luxury version as we had cabins…but I did it last holidays. Not sure what my next adventure will be but still in the middle of this one. Lots of new learning and lots of possibilities. Who knows, I might make some art connections in Canberra. The interesting thing is, I feel like I have achieved more in my art this year even with all the other things going on. Perhaps my priority is shifting or perhaps having this blog and being part of this online community is helping motivate me in new ways.
I am not sure if I will get to post from Canberra…hopefully but for now I am just enjoying the journey and feeling as if life is flowing a bit more smoothly as I learn how to balance my inner and outer worlds of art and teaching.

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