Heart and head

Intuitive art to me is a guided space where I connect into my heart and my wise self that resides there. This intuitive process is a way of being so I will start by looking at the heart head connection. Often a conversation can draw out the intuitive voice if it has connected to your truth. Intuition is the heart space I am in as I speak from my truth. It is a guiding voice that lights a path to your oil and not a fear based voice.


The other day a friend was saying how she did not understand how some people chose to be so critical of others. How could anybody be in that space? she asked. I found myself voicing a deep truth as I said that they were speaking from their heads and not my heart. My friend questioned this as she said it was important to think about what was going on. I visualised the path I knew felt right and said that some people are sensitives and this didn’t mean they did not analyse what they felt but the path of understanding went from heart to head then back to heart and the understanding was voiced from the heart space. The difference was that some people would feel the reaction, analyse and speak from their head rather than checking in with what Abrahams refers to as our emotional guidance system. Without this heart check in, we disconnect with our soul self and the inner guidance that keeps us true to ourselves. The heart check in is our path to being the best of who we really are.

Heart or head

Pause for a moment, go in to you – into your heart space, and ask ‘ What does my heart want?’ Listen and the answer will come.

Imperfection and allowing

Now please don’t misunderstand me. We all have times where life is so overwhelming that we jump the last step in our need to survive our world and all that is happening around us. I trip up regularly. The trip up is not what we need to focus on but the moment of recognition which can either send us back into our head or we can ask ourselnnves one simple question.’What does my heart want’ This one question changes our point of focus and connects us back into our heart space and our emotional guidance system. This is the space of connection that opens us up to our intuition and our inner guidance.This is the space where we have a knowing of the answer to whatever question we are asking. We are connected to universal knowledge and can tap in. When we are in our heads we have disconnected from our soul self. Ask yourself wether you spend more time in your heart or your head. We need both for balance but our heart is where we communicate our truth. I am picturing the Egyptian scales where a heart is placed I pin scales and balanced by a feather. Illogical but this image holds a truth. The gentle lightness of a feather…the lightness of the heart that is not weighed down by fear.
Fear or trust
Is it fear or intuition talking and how do you flip back into intuition. This is about a way of living and that beautiful idea of art as life is integrated into everything. The moments of tripping into beauty we when you slip into your heart space. Do you see the aphid or the pure droplet of water balanced on the vibrant pink rose petal? This is connection and it is the first step to trusting yourself.
The space of noticing where you are and then reflecting heart or head. And the internal whisper of thank you as you begin to see the beauty in so many things around you. The more consciously you choose to notice, the more you will easily step from head based fear that is protective and tends to be defensive of what it has to that heart space that is about opening and trusting that spontaineous space that is allowing, intuitive and healing.This really comes down to trusting your ’emotional guidance system’ and listening to the shifts inside your own body that are telling you what you really need and allowing that awareness rather than cutting off from your heart space and becoming stuck in your head.

Perfection or process

When we are in this space it is not important that everything is perfect and accurate but the importance is in the process of being in the moment and taking the adventure that is being offered. This is the space of finding the inside images that resonate with your inner world and bringing them into the outside world. When this happens, you see parts of yourself that can be unexpected and surprises you. It is the visual language that sits inside you that is waiting to be recognised. When you are in this space you will learn amazing things about yourself that you hadn’t been aware of with your conscious mind.
Art has a lovely way of tricking us into letting our internal guard down so we can step into that well of knowledge inside us almost by accident.
When did you last slip not this space of noticing and wondering. This space that opens a path forward into the depth of you. Noticing is the first step to connecting with your intuition.The five steps below will help you step into a space where you begin to open to your intuition.

Try these simple 10 steps t0 help you connect

1/ Become aware of the pace of your breathing
2/ Take three conscious slow deep breaths into your belly and out of your heart space and let go
3/ Notice the moment
4/ Step into wonder
5/ Look for things that give you joy
6/ Say thank you
7/ start a gratitude journal and add to it every day
8/ In moments of choice ask ‘what does my heart want?’
9/ Act as if you are in your heart
10/ Forgive yourself when you get stuck in your head and go back to step 1

Under her wings

She is connected to the depth of who she really is. Her wings unfurl as her wise self watches.

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