Australian gum tree dreaming.

Today I started an accordion book. It is for a  gift and is larger than I have done before. I will discu

ss the how to process ideas in another post. I know I want to lay down a strong background and have an Australian landscape feel running through so I have decided I needed some gum tree Lino cut stamps. The book will only be approximately 20 x 20 cm when the cover is attached so the Lino cuts are small. I really like the flowing, wavy shadow forms in Sidney Long’s paintings so they are my inspiration. Yes I searched for ready-mades but nothing matched the image in my head. I will show you how they print up as I step out the layers and add the printed image of the gum trees to this post. I plan to play ith layering and gesso washes to get the misty layered feel but not about being realistic. I want to play with the dream-like feel as I create the layers. That means the stamps are meant to be part of my layers and not finished pieces in themselves.

I am not sure what else I will create but know that the background layers will be key to the success of this book. Artist books are something I am just learning to create myself so it is a lovely new challenge….of course I am still have several projects running at the same time as always.


I printed the Lino cuts on magazine papers to add to the details. I will do some tissue paper prints for the accordion book I think. Just playing and seeing what works…




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