Flowers in her hair

Go with the flow...

Flowers in her hair…a work in progress

Layers and flow

…a bit about process

Over the past few days I have been working on this piece.

It has gone through a number of stages.

  • Using a black sharpie I write and draw circles stars and spirals over the canvas which I turn regularly to create a balanced composition.
  • next I use my shell stencil with alizarin Crimson acrylic paint to add the next layer over the top and leave it to dry.
  • Then I add thin lace in random areas on the canvas. I am always aiming to balance the images on each layer.
  • I add interference green oxide to the lace using a foam brush and let it dry.
  • I then add turqoise and quinacrydine nickel azo gold. I love the green they create when they mix. I spray and tilt the canvas as I continue to add more paint. I then add blue and orange ink into the wet surface. Spraying moves the ink and helps it flow into the texture areas.
  • then I drip white paint onto the wet surface when standing above it. I then drip denatured alcohol onto the surface and leave it to dry.
  • after this I decide to add some more flowers (shell stencil) in peach using a section of firm car sponge. It is easier to do big areas this way. I also add some on her dress as she will be holding them.
  • i realise that she is there waiting for me to draw her out and I use the car sponge to block in her face , neck, and hands in peach acrylic paint.
  • Now it is time to get my coloured black and start to draw her in. She comes together with ease and flow which is what she seems to be all about. I do need to adjust one eye but apart from that she is working well.
  • now I use white in the background. I like the way it creates a beautiful lightness. I decide their will be more flowers in the white.

I will continue her and keep you updated but for now she is done. I love the colors and the gentle flow and acceptance she seems to embody. That is part of the joy of creating…when images appear and surprise you. She only took about 4 hours up to this point but lots of spaces of processing and waiting in between.

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