Waiting spaces

Hospitals are notorious waiting spaces and I would definitely prefer to be somewherer…anywhere else.

The question is how do you reframe a space that is uncomfortable and unwanted into a place of acceptance and being. How do you find flow and the ability to be present and still the busy mind in those space? Yesterday I spent the day in the hospital waiting for a procedure and the day flowed because  I have learnt to embrace these waiting spaces as creative opportunities. I had my mini art travel kit and as I waited and the hours passed…I created.

Everyday angels

The day felt full of art and life and I was surrounded by so many everyday angels and the day went well…although nobody likes needles and anaesthetic….I felt cared for and had cared for myself by finding that creative space to calm and centre me. I feel grateful for the support and care I was given and the angel energy that surrounded me. My angel paintings are familiar and gentle and feel like the everyday angels we meet along our path but often don’t recognise.

Heart Intentions

My intention was to focus on doing something I loved and so I decided to play with small pieces as examples for my upcoming Paint an Angel  Flow mandala art workshops and perhaps some small original pieces and cards for Christmas markets.

I never know where the play will take me and these pieces are beginnings that I will add to later. They were the perfect distraction as I create on my A5 sheets of watercolour paper.

I never know where the flow of the creative space will take me. I am drawn to the ability of the flow mandalas to extend out of the sacred circle and bring the story into the outer world.

  • Wonderings
  • I wonder where you have found unexpected spaces to create? What are you waiting for and where are the waiting spaces in your life that can become spaces to create? Do you have an art travel kit? One of my favourite waiting spaces is creating on a long road trip and being absorbed in colour, line and play as the world passes by I am in that creative zone.

I hope you find many spaces to create in your world that bring you joy in unexpected places as you find that natural space of flow.

Love and blessings,


Paint an angel headercreating beyond the edges

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