How do you connect?

Intuitive Artist's Playbook

Find your breathing space and connect.

As creative souls, we have so many ideas and possibilities and traditionally we all have a space to keep these ideas. What I found was that there were so many ways, and different forms that people used to gather their soul pieces that it began to feel fragmented. I just wanted to connect with that creative soul and get it our on paper. I was so sick of the specifices of each genre for gathering thoughts that created my own.

Intuitive Artist’s Playbook

There are so many ways and places to gather our uniqueness that it seemed that it would be easier to mash it all into one. I love a pretty journal page but when everything is perfect and well formed it somehow feels a little dishonest.

My Intuitive Artist’s Playbook is a mash up of a visual diary, an artist’s notebook, a diary, a sketch book, a scrapbook and whatever else you want it to be. I do want it to be pretty but I don’t want it to be filled with expectations of what it has to be. No rules, just  a place to explore the pieces of my soul and allow them to take shape on paper.

You are unique

This is my unique soul space that gathers the pieces together to explore and get to know all those inner spaces and gather unique stories. Our intuition becomes stronger as we give ourselves this time to really get o know the depth of our soul.

You are unique and nobody will ever be like you so the images, memeries, stories, and art that form in this sacred space will become a treasured gathering space. Everything is together, in one space, simple and easy to step into.

Art at its best

Art at its best is exploration with messy layers of possibilities as something that never existed before begins to take shape. Art is where we sit down with our soul and begin to listen to the whispered knowing that lives within. When we are exploring and learning, it is never a straight line but one that is filled with twists and turns. Sometimes it works perfectly and we smile and celebrate our success. Other times, we may feel defeated, but why?

Exploring your world

It s that silly idea of comparison. No one compares to you because no one has ever experienced your journey with all its ups and downs. Every mark you make is something new that you have learnt. Each mark s a step closer to where we want to be but really, it is the process of being in this moment and celebrating each new mark and every small breakthrough.

A breakthrough may be as simple as a decision to do something…anything, in your Intuitive Artist’s Playbook three times during the week. Start small, with a quick 10 minute session and see how it feels to actually be doing rather than wishing that you were. This is the recognition of small moments and how they grow into heart opening possibilities.

Soul Connected

An intuitive artist’s play book is my answer to this need for something that is truly Soul connected.
As I looked through my Intuitive  Artists Playbooks in their many shapes and sizes, I know that  I am exploring soul spaces. The Intuitive Artist’s Playbook is about exploration and is an easy, fun way to go deeper into a creative healing space that was playful and unique. The IAP itself is about learning, exploration and deep dives that are often messy and imperfect. The sense of the imperfection being okay was so important. This is the space to learn to let go of expectations an what other people think and be who we really are.


As I looked through the pages I pondered that some pages were incomplete, some had a beautiful simplicity and some of the writing looked scribbled. There was a sense of authenticity; of dogging beyond the surface. I loved the perfect pages but they were not what made my IAP feel real to me. It was the fact that I could see the messiness and had given myself a space to explore beyond the edges of what was expected to a place where I began to find aspects of myself that I had lost along the way.

Breathing Space

The intuitive artist’s playbook became a space that held elements of an art journal ( a pretty collection of images) an artist notebook or visual diary (reflections, sketches and art research), a scrapbook and a private journal to a space that was an exploration of the soul. It felt like I was gathering fragments of my inner truth, my soul self and representing it in different ways.

Of course a soul has many parts and so it manifests I’m so many ways when we allow it the space to guide us. The AIP became my room to breathe in the busy time bound world. It was my special place and the room I withdrew into when I needed breathing space but it was also a space of joyful celebrations which could quickly shift my energy and raise my vibrations. When I used it, I was connecting into me and that intuitive inner space that guided me. My soul would light up as I entered my own creative world,

Wild Soul Creativity Circle

Wild and free creative play

Join the Wild Soul Creativity Circle to learn more about the Intuitive Artist’s Playbook and explore processes and possibilities within circle.

This IAP is a guided journey and I do hope you will join me as you develop your own unique IAP to treasure. There will be workshops later in the year as well as an online course.

What is the AIP?

The Intuitive Artist’s Playbook

It is not a showcase of your talent but a choice to dig below the surface and see what you dig up as you delve deeper. Along the way you will playfully explore and discover lots of new things. You will record new understandings and add special memories. This us a soul space to play that is all yours to shape and beautifully guided.

The Adventure

My part in this adventure is to give you a direction and be your guide into the many possible ways of entering into your own exploration and show you ways to go deeper. Yes, I will show you tips and tricks to get gorgeous results but I do hope that along he way, you will let your hair down and allow your Wild woman to scrawl across the page. I love I when an art work just seems to come together perfectly but this is your inner journey and it will take many shapes and forms. That is what makes this an adventure as you discover the soul spaces that have been waiting for you to return.

The IAPB is about freedom and open spaces and running barefoot through the grass. It is the space explore that inner wisdom and let your Wild creative soul play.

SOMETHING MORE: Join my private Facebook group Wild Soul Creativity Circle and explore ideas and processes to begin creating your own Intuitive Artist’s Playbook. I would love you to be part of this creative adventure as we explore and grow together.

Explore the ‘‘Things I Love’ WIP resources page for more ideas. This is still in production so expect it to continue to grow as I keep exploring the possibilities of this Wild Soul and the creative paths it leads me on. I just decided the small action of posting it even if it is incomplete is another small action and I love the power of small actions .

Enjoy your wild adventures,


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