i have been so busy developing a body of work. Some works are brand new but others are ones that I have revisited to develop them to the stage I am at now in my art understandings. One of the things that I love most about art is that you never stop learning so my works are in this continual state of flux until they leave me. As I live with a piece, I know if something isn’t sitting quite right. A piece I may have exhibited previously may no longer be ready to share with the world. Choice and change and evolving practice are what keeps the work new and interesting. These are also the things that surprise you as you bravely take a brush and cover sections of a art work that took many hours to complete. It is this letting go and stepping into the unknown that draws me forward and inspires me to continue. Sometimes the changes are more about tonal shifts and developing a stronger sense of the light source. Other times it is a complete overhaul where the background is cut away or the face is totally redone. Sometimes I loose what I thought I had and need to keep layering until it feels complete…for this moment anyway. These changes, sometimes simple small shifts or at others, major overhauls and do overs. But even as I do this knowing that ‘those who believe ‘ is stronger…I know I will add more lightness into the green grass area in the foreground.

Below are some examples of my works at different stages in evolution.

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