The journey into the next phase…

The travellers protector.

I decided to create a bust on a stand. Due to the fact that oven baked clay was new to me, this was. A learning curve. I wanted to use a copper post to suspend the bust on. I ordered 1/4 inch copper pipe but then found cutting it with a hack saw difficult and ineffective. I googled and found a cutter that simply and effectively cut the pipe evenly and bought the cutter from Bunnings. The next step was drilling the hole in the wooden base to fit the 1/4 inch pipe. This worked well and then I used armature wire to create a frame for the bust that I attached by netting the ends into the coppertube and shaping the bust form roughly. I then added aluminium foil to bulk up the shape. This allowed me to use a thinner layer of the oven baked clay which was cheaper and  gave a shorter baking time. I had embedded crystals like in the last piece.

I had added wings as this seemed likeaprotectivw angelic energy. I then added coils to the base that were reminiscent of the tree roots that I saw at cradle mountain. Roots that overlapped and intertwined and grounded the figure to the earth energies. I also added the Isis Seicheim, choku Rei symbol at the third chakra, which is the personal power centre.  I am a trained Isis Seicheim. Reiki practitioner and this energy is a way of drawing in this powerful feminine energy for the person it is made for. This piece is a gift for my youngest niece. She is a beautiful and powerful young women who is turning 18.  I wish her all the positive guidance and joy that the universe can give as she moves forward on her journey.

The turoqoise has a beautiful protective energy and 3 are embedded in the base and a different type of turquoise is in her head piece.. Three is the trinity or the three graces. I love adding crystal energy to my pieces. I added roots linking the body to the base as the clay roots wound around the pole. The roots ground the figure. They are  thick and overlapped from the influence of the. 2000 year old forest that I walked through a week ago on the overland track. Small moments clambering over knurled roots that influence how I view the world have impacted on this small sculptural piece.

This was a lovely learning journey personally as I tend to revisited sculptural possibilities from time to time. I enjoy the different challenges that sculpture offers.


Materials list

  • fimo soft
  • tube cutter
  • 1/4 inch copper tube
  • wooden blocks
  • shsping tools
  • turqoise
  • golden fluid acrylics: teal, quinacridone nickel azo gold and phthalo
  • Golden high flow acrylics: sepia
  • Pliers
  • thin wire
  • aluminium foil
  • rollong pin






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