Earth energies and healing creations.

Yes, I had a blissful hippy journey…I went to the Seven Sisters Festival in Mwlbourne. This was my second Seven Sisters Festival. It has a tendency to inspire me with new ideas

Fired and coloured the earth spirits emerge.

Fired and coloured the earth spirits emerge.

. This time I made a selfie doll which was so much fun, a spirit guide animal and decided to come home and play with Fumo (she needed a journey stick). So yesterday, rather than painting I gathered my supplies and started creating. These are my first attempts at spirit earth figures and I am so pleased. I bought some face moulds and a coil press and had a whole lot of moulds I had already created. I quickly realised that as I made some extra moulds that I needed to use the air dry clay as fink would just stick to the piece being moulded. I could use talcum powder as a resistant but that just seemed fiddly.  I use Mont Marte air dry clay and it is great for small detail moulds to add lovely extra details. I found some shell circles and tried using them as background bases. Adding the crystals was great fun as they easily stayed in place with a dab of fimo. Face moulds got stuck a bit so I pyut the mould in the freezer for half an hour so they would release. I think I will need to make an air dry clay mould as the bought mould process means going inside too often when I am working in my back yard studio. I love the play of adding the coils to the face using little spirals and the small rose image blends well into this. Each attempt adds a different idea. Of course I google searched a whole lot of references for ideas and I know this is nothing knew but it is for me. I want to look at combining more bits into the clay…like I did with the key and the flower. Shells would work well but that is down the track. The process of searching for sticks that call you is a lovely process. I baked them at 160 Celsius in the end which is what worked in my oven. I have bought  leather pieces as I want to start binding on crystals to the larger stick wand piece.

Sharmanic journeys and earth fairies...

Sharmanic journeys and earth spirits…

The process of wrapping a piece with intention was repeated several times throughout the festival and found it very powerful. Thank you to Kambo Songs , as her work was the inspiration for my play this time as she had a stall at the festival that reminded me of the process and prompted my play. I want to see how far I can take this. I am starting to ponder angel images that would work beautifully with specific crystals…this will be a fun journey. Always looking for starting points…of course I searched a variety of other images…love learning and exploring possibilities so let’s see where this journey takes me. This is definitely a painting distraction that I will continue playing with as it links to my wall art pieces and adds a greater depth of possibilities.

Now they are fired and coloured, I feel that they are earth spirits as they emerge out of the spirals.

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