Drifting and dreaming

She is the dreamer that becomes her world

I am playing with the edges of my understanding and allowing the layers to play together to form something new. I have so much to learn and I keep evolving. This beautiful girl links to my previous few pieces with the gentle optimism and the contrast of turquoise and orange. I know something in me has shifted as o see it in my art. I am not sure that I can name the shift yet. The unmasking, rhe daring and ability to take more risks. I am not even sure where the changes have come from. All I know is that my self image is shifting and the art I am creating is reflecting someone who is more willing to take risks and show who they are. No more masks, no more pandering to expected norms. It is my time to say this is who I am and I will flow with this feminine wisdom and create my world. I will take some scary risks as I rebuild parts of myself and reframe the way I present myself to the world. The time for hiding is past and I must say that I am both scared and excited by the prospect of something new. This is the message I believe these new works are sharing with me as I listen to the whispered wisdom within. the layers.

I have created a new painting today, that really does explore the edges of the image and the merging of the.layers. This distinct edge seems important. It is about how we connect and are part of everything around us. We are connected and. no matter what, we can not be seperate. We may pretend we are but that is only an illusion. The beautiful, vibrant energy of life connects us in so many ways as the ripples of who we are extend outwards.

This journey into the part of me that is a CEO of my business is about being aware of the connections and the way each part of who we are impacts ur world. I am learning and as long as I live and create, my learning will continue. The biggest understanding is that we are all connected and there is no such thing as separation. Thus is a shared journey that in essence is a soulful adventure. Each step along the way is full of surprises. This painting , like many before it, has surprised me and asked me to step back an question what I understand. I know it is the question that I ask that make me who I am so I step back and I wonder. Who is the person who painted this image and what is it about the edges of who we ar that is so important. Edges are often blurred and interwoven and I wonder about the interconnection that is so important on all of my art and my life adventure.

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