YOUR SACRED TREEThe Dreaming Tree Series

It’s another Sunday aim exploring art spaces. As I paint this dreaming tree that has appeared in my art, I am recalling the 2 special trees of my childhood. It’s strange but I do feel that we all have at least one tree that connects us to a specific time and place. My tree is the willow tree that grew just outside my bedroom window. It had a seat that I could climb into and feel safe as I looked out at my world. The other tree was a peppercorn tree that lived in the area next to my grandparents blue house ( my grown up house is blue and I loved there blue house so much) that we walked under as we went to see Grandma Ruth and Grandpa George. Of course neither tree looks like these memories but it is the idea of the trees and trees holding messages, growing with us and seeing us through so many dreaming spaces.


I thought today was a wonderful day to create a tree. Enjoy the beauty of sunshine and those sacred pockets of time to connect to our creativity. Wonder about the trees in your life and which ones have a special connection to your memories, dreaming and growing spaces. My tree paintings are evolving as I am working on a few more in the studio as they are a lovely exploration and I will see where the adventure leads. We spend time exploring nature as children and our hearts fill with wonder at the world around us and it is lovely to be reminded of the joy we experienced so we can find it again.


Behind my studio is an enormous Californian Magnolia. It is the tree in my life now and it’s beautiful ancient energy watches over my studio. As a child, different trees shaped me and became part of my story.


Creative Connections: draw your tree

Journal about that special tree that lives in your memory or grows in your backyard, Draw the tree and the way it feels to you and  share it. This personal tree connection is about that feeling space it holds for you and so is not necessarily about the realistic representation of that tree. You may have a photo of the tree that you could print out a copy of an draw yourself in the tree. Maybe you have a photo of the tree that you would like to share. Remembering your tree is such a lovely way to connect with nature and your inner creative soul that longs to grow and explore. I wonder who you share your tree memories with and what connections you are making about time, places and people.


I love books and find that a book can teach us so much and that a childrens book can sometimes capture the most powerful messages in the form of images and words that touch our souls whatever age we are. These are 3 of those chldrens books that have that sort of impact. If you love reading (in pockets of time) then pick up a copy of My Place by Nadia Wheatley. Such a beautiful illustrated story book about a tree and all the people she found there place with that tree and the sense of place it created as the people and the tree evolved over time. This book has also been made into an ABC children’s series. The other book that I love is another children’s book called ‘The Giving Tree’ by Shell Silverstein. This link is to an old animation of the original book read by the author. The third book is by Shaun Tan who’s work seems to touch my soul as he explores so many ideas. The book I am referring to is called The Red Tree and unlike the other 2 is a story of a girl and hope. I found another beautifully read and animated video version for you to explore.

My Place front cover

A beautiful story book B Nadia Wheatley that focuses on a place and a tree. Beautifully created and written.

The Red Tree

A children’s book about a girl and a tree by Shaun Tan

The Giving Tree

A children’s book about the relationship between a boy and a tree and how life changes us.











I dare you to let go and let your inner wild soul step out onto the grass and be in that space of tree and growing possibilities. Go outside barefoot and hug your favorite tree and laugh at yourself as you connect with nature…winter is over and bare feet and soft grass have a beauty all there own.


Yes there is a gypsy inside me  as I born in the 60s and school in the 70s. I feel more gypsy than hippie although I know some friends would query that. Perhaps that’s why I love flowers and trees. I used to wear bush daisies threaded through fine plats in my hair. The joy of nature seems such a healing space to be in so whatever helps you find that connection and be extraordinarily you. No rules or boundaries simply a desire to connect. Yes I went gypsy rather than hippie as it feels more me, and more about family, flow, loyalty and dancing to your inner wild soul. No drugs or war or peace conflict required to find the way but an open heart with a sense of creative adventure and the intention to walk barefoot more often.


Today I suggest you draw a tree. Whatever your tree looks like is up to you. This is not the actual tree but the tree that lives within your heart space. This is the idea of a tree shaped through memories of one tree or many that have been held a special place inside your memories. Be playful with this, smile and see what emerges as you begin to draw your tree. Everyone’s tree will be different. Some will be more realistic and others a silhouette shape of a tree. Others may have spirals and dots and take on there own form. No rules… three slow deep breathes, kick off your shoes, wiggle your toes in the cool green grass and begin to draw…smile and enjoy…


I’m excited to announce my exhibition at Southern Buoy studios featuring 2 of my Dreaming tree series. The exhibition opens on Friday December 8th. This is the same day as the BSG small works exhibition that I have 10 other small works exhibited in.

Space to Dream

Space to Dream.
Media: Mixed media acrylic on double thick canvas: acrylic, collage papers and ink.
Size: 457 x 457 mm Price: $475. All works for sale. Please email enquiries

The Light Bearer

Light Bearer
Media: Mixed media acrylic on double thick canvas: acrylic, collage papers and ink.
Size: 457 x 457 mm Price: $475.
All works for sale. Please email enquiries


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