She is looking towards her dreaming.

A new world of possibilities

Welcome to my website…so exciting...this is the next step on my art business adventure as I embrace all of me and learn what it means to really be myself in the world. Art is about trusting that whispered guidance, that inner knowing and stepping into my wise self as I allow all of me to play and dream big. So excited that it is finally up and ready to show the world.

This weekend of new beginnings as I bravely unfurl my wings and my new website is launched. I have moved from my basic blog website to a new business website. At least that’s the terminology but for me, this is a space where I can really start to grow my creative dreaming and share inspiration and creative play dates with you. I am stepping into me as I shape this website. The initial setup was done by Cath Connell who runs Spicycat Creative who has been a wonderful mentor and support. Cath has done an amazing job with all the visual bits required to make this site work and the lovely personal touches of background artwork sections. Thanks so much Cath for everything…your amazing.  As this is so visual, I have uploaded images and less technical bits as well as the header image. My gallery of inspirational intuitive artworks keeps growing as I continue to learn and share my playful processes.Such a steep learning curve which continues as I explore what is possible. Mail chimp is another learning curve as I organise freebies and resources which will keep growing. I am starting workshops through Eventbrite which is new and exciting and I will continue to grow my understandings.

Creative souls

I believe that everyone is creative and that art is such a beautiful space to nourish your soul. This new website is about sharing creative possibilities and sharing wild soul creative possibilities. Wild soul creativity is about the freedom and opening of stepping into that creative space inside, finding the room to breathe and be all of you. This is about the experience of creating and not the final product although I’m sure if you step into this creative adventure you will surprise yourself.

I invite you to come on this adventure with me and see what is possible when you connect with your inner artist. This part of you who wants to play and explore, that trusts their inner guidance and is open to possibilities and wonder is waiting. Are you ready to begin a playful creative adventure as you explore and nurture your soul. I will be adding resources and adding lots of inspiration to inspire your wild creativity to play. No rules, just a glorious adventure of possibilities with lots of layers as the story of you evolves.

Feeling a little bit white rabbit…so much to do and so little time
…or is it so little to do and so much time?..I am really going down the rabbit hole.

There is so much more I want to say but I know its dinner time and I will get distracted so I will go but please feel free to stay and explore for awhile.

Playfully exploring my intenions

Playfully exploring my intentions: a play page from my mark making work shop.




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