Stepping through the looking glass: Dream to reality.

As I move forward in my research, exploration and stepping stones to my creative dream business I have found a consistent comment about finding your authentic voice especially as you begin developing your own authentic voice. This is easy for me artistically but a bit scary and risky as a blogger writing from the sensitivity of who I am. I am emotionally and intuitively guided when I am my best self and don’t let my head get in the way. It is that heart- head connection that hold my true creative voice…although I am still working out what that means…especially from a business perspective. It is about showing the me behind the art but it is so easy to just put the artwork out there and just step back and cross your fingers. Okay, I didn’t say it works that way but I am saying that somehow we all try this ploy when we are starting out. Am I right or is that just my own insecurities?
I am enjoying the sense of opening up more within my blog, making online friends and sharing about what it means to create.
So who have been the 2 most inspirational players in my learning so far?
I would have to say Kelly Rae Roberts and her e-course ‘Flying Lessons’ that has been both practical and inspiring. Kelly has a way of inspiring with her honesty, openness and a sense of the importance of nurturing your dreams and that broader spiritual connection that feels so integral to my own art. I needed her practicality and beautiful art to inspire me to begin.
Her e-book prompted me to get serious about creating a web presence and getting my act together to create a blog/website. I needed the push because for me…a little over a year ago…this was a jump into the unknown. I am now managing 7 different platforms that interconnect. This means some post for me on linked sites making it easier to manage. I can simply drop a pin from my WordPress site or my Artpal site to create a link. WordPress is my blog and website and links to linked in, Facebook and Twitter. Artpal allows me to sell original works and Redbubble allows me to sell merchandise created from my artwork and once I have put in details on one site, I can then copy details, such as size, media and price, to the other sites which decreases the work load. It is a lot of fun seeing what your artwork looks like online, allowing you to really step back and get a big picture view.

The other person who has influenced me is Andrea Schroeder and her free e-course ‘Give Your Creative Dreams Wings’. I have never been a real journal artist. It seemed like a distraction to the finished pieces. I am now hooked as I regularly meet my creative dream in the powerful yet simple guided meditation in this e-course. It is a lot of fun so I am now seeing where that leads. So much more to learn but I’m definitely enjoying the journey.

I admit that I will never be a regular art journaled but have used the meditation consistently and will always come back to my art journal, just not every day. I am regularly using her meditation; shaping her image of ‘the field of creative dream alchemy’ in my own way, to develop my creative dreaming.

Now I am exploring my intuitive painting further and playing with ways of publishing step be step lessons that I can post. This is all learning and the website writing helps me create order in all the visuals that surround me. Who knows where this will lead. I have about 7 new works that are partially done and evolving and school holidays are a week away. That means that I will get some extended art play. The plan is to have completed these 7 pieces within the three weeks and have started another 5. All the works are at different stages as I work on each in turn as it calls me. I hope to have posted a how to iMovie for the first time,  so wish me luck. So many lovely distractions.

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