The Wild Soul Creativity Circle

I’m so excited; today I did something new and daring. Last week, I started the Wild Soul Creativity Circle as a Facebook group. This week ( today) I’ve taken it to the next level and set a challenge for myself.

Over the next 5 weeks I will post about each of the 5 circles in the Wild Soul Creativity Process..
.Each day the circle is given an action to do which fits into pockets of time so is easy and doable.


Invite you to join me in the Wild Soul Creativity Circle as we connect and share new conversations.

The Wild Soul Creativity Circle is a group I created to help you step into their Wild Creative Soul to share conversations and inspiration through intuitive art adventures, mixed media possibilities, spiritual creative practice and intuition. All of this feels so naturally connected to me that sometimes it is easy to assume other people know what you are doing and just keep sharing. I really would love to know what you expect from this group and how you would like to see it grow and evolve.

Time to take a step back and share a bit of me so you know what it is that I am creating. I really do hope that you will get involved and come and play with me. This is a women’s circle and I love that we can connect and support each other as we explore our Wild Souls and step into our creativity together. Welcome to my world.

The awild Soul Creativity Process

Over the next couple of weeks I will share about the Wild Soul Creativity Process which is what this community is about.

The five circles are connection, play, layer, dreaming and celebration.
The Wild Soul Creativity Circle is about the adventure of discovery as we share our creativity and step into our possibilities together.


Invite your intuition guidance to lead the way as you connect and learn to listen and step into your truth.

This week the conversations are about CONNECTION. The challenge is simply to join us, participated by doing a small action every day and share with the group.

This is a lovely way to share, learn and grow together as we explore ways to connect with our our intuitive souls as we work our way around the circle together. Join the adventure.

A Moment to Wonder

A moment to wonder

An original. mixed media acrylic painting by Cheryle Bannon on canvas.

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