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I have always had this thing about going beyond boundaries. My canvas paintings are usually on double thick canvas so a photo can never show the whole image. I never really did like following the rules and am a messy creative who lets the images take me on an adventure. I like surprises and things that catch your eye that is not obvious at first glance.

The images below are works in progress as I choose next steps and follow my heart.

As I explore the world of the sacred circle and create my flow mandala art I am not doing symmetry but allowing shapes and forms to evolve on the page. I decided it was time to do some angel flow mandalas as I love painting angels. As usual, I found more rules to break and have gone back to what I had been doing in some of my smaller mandala flow pieces. The image starts to bleed past the edges and becomes something new. The sacred circle extends into the outside world and carries the wisdom with it.

Art is a mindful process of playful connection that takes me on along paths that are unexpected and offer new ways of seeing my world. I love the random joy of this process as I slip into that state of creative mindfulness. Time loses its grasp and I am free to play within the safety of the sacred circle as I allow the story to overflow into my outer world. Every new flow mandala steps into a different part of my story and is freed into the sacred circle space as I allow the images to flow through.

Flow Mandala Process

This mindful mixed media process is about trusting our inner artist and allowing the images that emerge to take form. It is a lovely connected process suitable for any age that uses watercolours, collage, pens, acrylic, gesso and whatever other materials call to your heart. This is about creating your own path as you step into a personal space that is a sacred container for your dreaming. You get to choose what flows outside your circle as this is about finding joy in the process of connected creating.


  • draw a circle lightly on your page
  • choose a beginning intention – collage play, feeling words, symbols, random marks
  • breathe into your space and connect to you
  • Create the first layers in collage, mark-making, symbols, words or watercolour flow
  • Add colour contrast
  • finding the form and trusting first thoughts
  • adding details and allowing images to flow beyond the edge of the circle
  • continue until the flow of the image feels complete
  • final touches, naming your piece

Workshop offering

My upcoming Flow Mandala workshop is a joyful dive into these mindful mixed media processes that open us to curiosity and creative play. Are curious about this process and would like to learn more? Join me for an afternoon of art-making on Saturday the 7th December at Lentil as Anything in Thornbury Melbourne from 1-4 pm.  Learn easy beginnings and mindful processes to connect you to your intuitive soul, connect to your intuition and create your own unique flow mandala piece.

Love and blessings


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