Accordion book progress and text.

update with images as promised.

It is Christmas Day and I spent the day with my husbands family in Taralgon. This is a 2 hour drive each way so a perfect opportunity to work on the small moments of creativity.

As I sit in the car I am adding text to my accordion book and realizing more and more, how complex the process is. I will not posting this with pictures until the weekend.

Tim and Holly part 1

Tim and Holly part 1

Tim and Holly accordion book

Tim and Holly accordion book 

I don’t believe in spoilers and this links to my Facebook page. So apologies for the delayed image  posting but it is slowly taking shape and I am happy with the possibilities …yes I will update this post with images to show the steps I duscuss below…update inserted!

Background layers
Having created the background color as a base was a great start but the next step was working out how to place the images. I basically halved the length of the book as it was way too long and I know that I will add the original poem I wrote and the poems chosen for the wedding readings to the back section of the accordion book.
As explained in an earlier post, I have developed a basic collage, acrylic paint and ink background. After sifting through the photos I have printed on both plain paper and tissue paper with some images printed on canvas and cut out. I have used the tissue paper overlays to create transparencies as well as printed photos for more definition and found some areas work better than others. I also created a thin gesso ribbon of paint that echoed the flowing veil shape. I know I can layer the images until they fit the expectations in my head. At this point I think I need to work on adding some warmth to my color pallet as it is mostly green.
Layering text and image
As I added the words , drawn from the poem I had written to hold the story of the day, I began to realise that I simply was not playing with the words enough. My tendency was to want to just copy the words from the poem. This was too many words and I had denied the element of play. This did not add to the flow of the imagery which was central to the feel of the work. I realised that there were many unnecessary words and that it was time to explore size and shape more. This is about ways of exploring text within the art format. The text not only needed to work visually but needed to be ‘intelligent text’ that linked to the images. I am being faced with very different challenges to the ones faced when creating a traditional mixed media canvas painting. I started writing with a fine lined permanent marker but quickly changed to a normal black ballpoint pen. This gave me more control over my mark making and I do like the type of lines a ballpoint pen creates.
Fold outs
The next challenge is to decide where I want to create fold outs ( or fold ups) that will add other detail. I will use my large practice sheet to do this but that is tomorrow. I thought of doing this originally and now see it as a way of bringing in more of the imagery that did not quite fit into the flow of the initial book pages.

Cover base and extensions.

Cover base and extensions.



Fold outs



Of course everything is in flux and I ended up doing 2 books in one. Both sides tell different aspects of the same story.

It seems easy and natural to have these creative ideas taking shape in the background and finding spaces that allow me to process what is needed. No set formula but a series of small steps that allow a project like this to materialise. Tonight I will cover the front and back book covers so they will be dry enough to move forward with completion tasks tomorrow.
I hope you have found moments in your day to listen for the whisperings of your own creative muse.

I wish you joy and peace as you continue your journey as another Christmas Day draws to a close.
‘A merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight…’

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