I am finalising a group of works that began when I did a Tracy Verdugo workshop but have transformed into a style that is truly my own. Layers of Flora Bowley, Erin Faith Ellen, misty Mawn and Suzi Blu to name a few. Alll the on line course shave deepened my art knowledge base. So many layers to get to this stage and so many more layers to go. University training decades ago did not give me a base of understanding that was needed for acrylic painting but the web allowed me to extend in ways
I am changing in so many ways and discovering along the way. Change in my art is integral to a deeper change within. Drawing is now an integral part of my painting process as I work with markers, sticks and any implement that will allow more mark variety and add yet another layer. Maria Pace Winters influenced my use of line work and was another random find as I explored what was possible. Who knows who’s work will captivate me tomorrow…maybe yours…as long as I keep growing and adding my personal touch I feel complete.

I dropped my work off at Quadrant gallery today and loved the space. A lovely man named Tony collected the work for hanging. He liked my work and checked the details and his comments made me feel that I had underpriced my work. This opens up the question of valuing and how much is an art piece worth. My sense is that as I develop the price increases with my skill base that has changed and

An opportunity to exhibit my knew work in another group show

An opportunity to exhibit my knew work in another group show

I have put it out there. Galleries are such diverse spaces but Tony was pointing to a sold work that was far more expensive than I could conceive of ever pricing my own work. As an architect office and gallery I guess the cliental is broader which is great.

If you are in Melbourne, do visit the exhibition or visit the web site at quadrantgallery.com.au.


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