An artist interview:

As I ponder what it is that enable some artists to soar in the art world, I am looking at my own uniqueness. As my work evolves, these are questions that need to be reviewed from time to time. Some answers change or expand but most remain the same. So this is an interview with myself to clarify what it is that is my own unique voice.

  Take the challenge and answer these questions: what is your own unique voice:

1 / QWhat are the things I am passionate about? Why?

A/ I am passionate about people and creativity. I am a people person at heart so I need a balance between time spent creating (introspective) and time spent with people. Teaching allows me to be in the world and expand through communities and people that I share, workand play wit th. My art feeds my soul and opens me to my spiritual side and enables me to share the possibilities I see within this amazing world through the exploration of  layered feminine mixed media images that bring a sense of possibility that aims to inspire you; the viewer.  My family ground me and are the central space in my world. My teaching allows me to help others so that in some small way, I make a difference.

2Q:  What are my artistic business’s goals.

A/ My artistic business goals are:

  • to sell my original artworks online

to develop and sell a range of goods based on my artwork.

to continue developing my blog and website and online presence to support my art business.

  • to consistently develop my body of work.
  • to define, refine and further develop my unique style.
  • to keep learning.

3QWhy put my work out there and sell it

A/ I create art because it is an essential part of who I am. I sell my art work  as letting it go out into the world is part of it. I hope my art touches something in my viewer. Building an audience for my visual stories is what transforms my art from a personal response into professional art. It is an essential step as I work towards developing a strong body of work and  defining my distinctive style and my niche market.

4 /QWhat is my unique selling point? What makes my work stand out?What is my unique voice?

A/ My unique art work explores images of women and the feminine through a layered mixed media approach. Women are often portrayed as strong feminine archetypes. There is a sense of possibilities  within these flowing feminine forms. Beyond this, the works have a focus on strong  colour, form and layers  this art work has a positive, spiritual focus and a sense of the journey in process. All the pieces are invitations to the viewer to read the story, within the layers, through their own eyes. I am extending my explorative work in smaller animal paintings and their symbolism. These animals often appear in my larger feminine mixed media pieces.

6/ Q: The question is continually ‘who am I’ and what is important? What is my purpose?

I am a spiritual soul who wants to open doors to  possibilities. I hope my works inspire people to open to their own potential. Symbolic images and words are often added, to expand on the depth of meaning, layered into the visual image to draw the viewer into a world that is expansive and invites you into a larger story.

7Q:  Who is my audience?

A/ My audience is anyone who is drawn to the feminine image and the flowing, multi layered, approach involved in my mixed media art. My art reaches  out to like  souls who seek to explore their own spirituality and aims to inspire them to explore their own potential.

What is your soul essence and what has drawn you to my work?  Answer this question and you will know that you are in the right space.

8Q: Who are your influences?

A/ My influences are many but I will list a few stand outs. Gustav Klimpt, Van Gogh and Chagall and Jawlensky inspired me with their colour, pattern and flowing dream-like imagery.

JMoving forward in time and influenced by local artists in my Australian home, I am inspired by the art of Wendy Stavrianos. Then there are a range of artists who have influenced my mixed media approach such as Flora Bowley, Tracy Verista, and Misty Mawn to name a few. The list goes on but the reality is the world has shrunk and we are lucky to  have access to so many more creative influences.

9/ Q: So what is the core of your artistic dreams?

In the end, I just want my voice to be heard (don’t we all). My central voice is made of images that create a layered story. I am an emotional dreamer who balances my life by expressing my soul in layers of paint, paper and various mixed media. My dream is to be recognised for my own original voice and know that my art resonates deeply with others like you. This sharing of my story through art balances my world and hopefully sparks something in you that inspires you and  your world.

     So what makes you unique?

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