Bush reflections

Sometimes things happen that are so big that you respond. The bush fires in Victoria called for a visual response so I am exploring the toll on these innocent creatures. Art gives a voice where words are not enough.

I’m not sure where this will lead but when inspiration and a heart calling to pay attention and honour what has been lost and what needs our care, I am motivated to act.

My bush home

My bush home

This koala painting is the tragic reminder of the vulnerability of our wildlife and the cost of the climate change impact as fires leave them homeless. It was when the real sense of fire came into the image rather than the smake haze that was seen in the first piece. This is still a wip but I don’t want to lose the roughness of the reality of a barren lane of burnt trees as they feel in context with the stark reality of bushfires.

Scorched landScorched land

I wanted to look closer and zoom in on the koalas and so I am revisiting this image and seeing where it leads. Still more to do as I find the image and what is evolving through this piece.

The interpretation of each piece shifts with me as I go deeper into this burnt landscape. The blackness of the trees and the red of the fire are stark and reflect the reality as many do not survive. The layers of paint are rough and unrefined as the fire tears at the tree trunks and leave the blackened remains.


The next piece is a small kookaburra piece which does not yet feel like fire but the fire sky will be added. Animals that are normally in trees or sitting on wires are forced to the ground to avoid the flames.

As I finish this post, I am sending out prayers to all that have been affected by the fires, the people and animals who have lost their lives or homes or been injured by the ferocity of the fires.

The Earth is in pain as climate change impacts our world in so many ways. I am reminded of all I have and the belongings that surround me that I so often take for granted.

A special thank you prayer goes out to all the firefighters who have given so much to help all those in need and to the friends and family who have been lost in this disaster.

Sending love and blessings,



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